Mythic Quest season 3 episodes 1 and 2 recap & review

Season 3 of Mythic Quest sees Ian and Poppy set out on their own while David tries to handle things without having to deal with the crazy creatives.

Episode 1 recap: Across the Universe

Three perspectives are shown as Ian and Poppy are pitching their new game to prospective investors, David is chatting with his bosses in Canada and Brad is facing a committee at prison.

The basis of all three discussions is leaving the past behind following immense growth and looking forward to an exciting future.

Ian and Poppy are eagerly waiting at the futuristic office they set up for their new company, GrimPop Studios. The reply comes in, offering them 50 million, double what they asked for.

Poppy wants to take it but Ian says that they shouldn’t because something in his gut doesn’t feel right. Poppy wants some control over the decision and tells Ian that they should reconsider so Ian lets her decide what to do.

Rachel and Dana are driving down to the Mythic Quest office from across the state where they go to school because Jo is organising an event welcoming C.W. back following his worldwide book tour.

Carol is lamenting her new promotion because she doesn’t know what exactly her job is now and she doesn’t have a lot of work to do. She goes to David for some advice and after sending Jo out, he tells her that she’s now just a figurehead and she just needs to maintain the image.

Poppy is struggling with what decision to make regarding the offer and the stress gives her diarrhoea. Ian calms her down but he also says that an entire day has passed and now his gut tells him that taking the money would be a good idea.

Rachel and Dana get pulled over for speeding and Rachel gets in trouble with the officer. Jo calls them and asks to speak to the officer, following which he lets them go without any issues.

Carol tells David she tried to make a difference with what little power she has so she made a new hire. The new employee is Brad who will be their new janitor. David is sceptical about having an ex-felon but Brad insists that he is now reformed.

Jo is also not sure how to take in the fact that Brad is back in the office as he used to be her mentor. Carol says that it helps their diversity portfolio to keep him and he will stay.

The time for the event arrives and Ian and Poppy also attend. Rachel and Dana make it there just in time. David tries to show that he’s handling things perfectly at Mythic Quest without them but they seem to have moved on.

Poppy then says that they’re doing so well that they shot down an offer of 50 million which shocks Ian. He and Poppy get into an argument because Ian had told her that they should take the payment.

Jo makes everyone gather around and says that she’s supposed to hand a letter to David at a particular time. The others wonder why C.W. isn’t there for his party and they get ready to leave when David reads the letter that stops them in their tracks.

In the letter, C.W. says that he’s already dead. He had received a life-threatening prognosis and decided to take matters into his own hands. The reason he called them at that time was that he had his ashes stored in a satellite which passes by them at that moment.

Ian, Poppy, Brad, David, Jo, Carol, Dana and Rachel reminisce about C.W. in the office long after the party is done and Ian and Poppy decide to head back. David says it was nice to see them and they should drop by more often, to which they agree.

They then get into the elevator and get off to another floor leading to their new office, which turns out to be in the same building.

Episode 2 recap: Partners

Ian is vibing in VR in his state of creation but he bumps into Poppy who’s trying to build the game that they came up with. Ian and Poppy clash because Poppy wants to focus on work but Ian keeps interrupting with new ideas.

To get rid of him, she asks him to get lunch for her from a nearby gas station because he has already given them enough ideas. David is extremely suspicious of Brad who seems to be doing his work diligently. Carol tells him to just relax and not be so paranoid.

Poppy gets in the zone when Dana shows up for her first day of work. She agreed to go to school for a year to learn more about coding and then work with them but Poppy doesn’t feel like sharing responsibility or making the effort to get her up to speed.

She tells Dana to take the day off but soon after she gets back to work, Ian interrupts her. Ian wants to change some of Poppy’s habits and get her to follow healthier ones.

Ian is just struggling to be useful without providing ideas so Poppy tries to help him see the path he’s going down. She takes him to their portrait wall and shows him people who were primarily idea men who ended up not much better.

Ian says that Poppy wouldn’t get anywhere on her own with the way she works and they realize that they need to work on their partnership so that they don’t end up penniless or in jail.

Rachel is in the car on the phone with her parents who have an issue with how much she’s travelling back and forth between school and the MQ office. Dana comes in and complains about how miserable it is to try to work with Poppy.

Rachel suggests going into their old testing booth at MQ and fooling around for a bit. When they get there they find two new guys and the conversation becomes extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

David assigns Jo to get into Brad’s head and find out what he’s up to but Jo can’t seem to break him. She also goes into the testing booth after Rachel and Dana leave and she says things that make the new testers even more uncomfortable.

Ian is at the MQ office looking for some food for Poppy when he meets Brad who just messes with his head while appearing sincere. Carol calls a meeting with David, Ian, Rachel, Dana, Jo and the two new testers to address some concerns.

She tells David to stop worrying about Brad, she apologises to the testers because they complained about harassment and she tells Ian, Rachel and Dana to leave because they don’t even work there.

David apologises to Brad for being so paranoid and Brad accepts it. Brad then tells David that even if something nefarious was going on, David would never find out, leaving him anxious.

Ian and Dana go back to their office where they find Poppy passed out from a sugar crash. Dana notices the VR system and Ian realises that she’s interested in the Metaverse too so they decide to plug in and have some fun together.


  • The series deals with F. Murray Abraham’s departure in a respectful way despite killing off his character. C.W. gets to go out on his own terms and then have his closest friends witness as he soars through the night sky via satellite.
  • The cast reminds the audience exactly why every one of their characters is so funny and lovable. Ian and Poppy’s hilarious dynamic, David trying to showcase some aspect of control and Brad being his usual nefarious self are just some examples.
  • Ian’s ego when he put himself on the same wall with people like Gandhi and Mother Theresa shoots through the roof and is not at all surprising. Later on, when he realises he just quoted Elizabeth Holmes is infinitely funnier.
  • The set for GrimPop studios looks great with the blindingly white walls and floors and no lines thanks to a specific request by Ian. It provides a great backdrop for their future adventures.
Mythic Quest season 3 episodes 1 and 2
Mythic Quest season 3 episodes 1 and 2 recap & review 1

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