Bud Askins: Fallout (2024) character explained

Bud Askins is an executive at Vault-Tec with some very ambitious ideas for the apocalypse. Michael Esper plays the character.

Cooper meets Bud Askins for the first time after shooting the commercial for Vault 4 and immediately finds him overwhelming.

Bud mentions that he transferred over from West-Tec, a military contractor that produced the original powered armor.

He says that it was not his area of expertise, and he’s focused on different things here at Vault-Tec.

A revolutionary idea

Bud tells Cooper that the greatest weapon in the world is time, and using that frame of thought they can beat their competition.

He also strongly believes in management and its role in the future of humanity. Cooper waves him despite his enthusiasm, and he shows up again at the wrap party.

When Cooper drops Barb at her office, he runs into Bud again. Bud mentions that he’s got a special training program for up-and-coming executives called “Bud’s Buds”.

He believes that the feeble lifespans of humans are what stands between them and solving many of their problems through management solutions.

His project comes to fruition, as is revealed by Norm when he enters Vault 31. Inside is a small robot with a brain attached to it.

It turns out to be Bud, who is the overseer of the vault that contains countless suspended animation chambers of “Bud’s Buds”.

Everyone who came from Vault 31 was someone who was living before the war, and Bud brings them out to manage Vaults 32 and 33.

When Norm tries to escape, Bud traps him in there so that his secret isn’t revealed.

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