The Bok family’s superpowers in The Atypical Family explained

In The Atypical Family, once Do Da-hae starts living with the Bok Family, she discovers that the Boks possess superpowers.

On the surface, the Bok family is like any other regular family. However, they have a well-kept secret. 

For generations, their family has been gifted with various superpowers. Gwi-ju and Dong-hee have also inherited powers from their mother’s side of the family. 

In-a, who has also inherited a superpower, warns Da-hae about her family’s superpowers, but it is only when Da-hae starts living with them that she realizes In-a was not lying.

Bok Man-heum’s dreams

Bok Man-heum, the family matriarch, can foresee the future in her dreams. Her precognitive dreams have allowed her to amass wealth over the years. 

Man-heum used to dream about lottery numbers and stock charts, which enabled her to profit easily and made her family wealthy. 

She also dreamed about people sometimes. She foresaw her father’s death in her dreams before it happened.

She tried everything in her power to prevent his death, but she realized that she could only see the future, not change it. 

Due to that, Man-heum prefers dreaming about numbers that can make her rich rather than the tragedies she cannot prevent.

Now in old age, Man-heum suffers from insomnia. Her inability to dream and foresee the future leads to a decline in her family’s fortunes. 

When Da-hae starts drugging her, Man-heum is able to sleep peacefully again, but instead of dreaming about numbers, she dreams about Da-hae, who seems to be important for the Bok family’s future.

Bok Gwi-ju’s ability to return to a happy moment

Gwi-ju has the ability to go back in time, but he can only return to moments when he experienced happiness.

He can relive a happy moment as many times as he wants, but he cannot touch anyone or anything. He can only be present there as an invisible observer.

Even the happiest of moments stop being enjoyable when he relives them again and again. After a while, they no longer bring him the same joy. 

Additionally, Gwi-ju’s happy memories are overshadowed by the knowledge that, at the time he was happy, someone else was suffering.

Gwi-ju has tried to go back in time, change the past, and save the people he has lost, but he has failed every time. This has led to Gwi-ju growing depressed. 

He no longer finds happiness in any of his past memories. However, that changes when he meets Da-hae. Gwi-ju is able to go back in time to the moments he spent with Da-hae.

The Atypical Family superpowers
Gwi-ju can only see Da-hae in color when he is reliving a past moment

Not only that, Da-hae can see him as he relives a memory, and he can touch Da-hae, the only person whom he does not see in black and white. 

Gwi-ju can change Da-hae’s past and save her when necessary. Da-hae might be the person who can help him regain the superpower and happiness he has lost.

Bok Dong-hee’s ability to fly

Dong-hee’s superpower is not as complicated as her mother’s and brother’s superpowers. There was a time when Dong-hee could fly, and she loved doing that. 

However, she eventually gained weight, causing her to lose her ability. Now, Dong-hee is struggling to lose weight; she cannot fly again unless she succeeds.

Bok In-a’s mind-reading ability

Everyone believes that Gwi-ju’s isolated daughter, In-a, did not inherit any superpowers. In-a keeps to herself, so no one knows that she, too, has a superpower.

In-a can read people’s minds by looking into their eyes. To do this, she has to take off the thick glasses she always wears and make eye contact with others.

However, she does not enjoy knowing people’s thoughts, which is why she rarely takes off her glasses and keeps her superpower hidden from her family.

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