Bok I-na: The Atypical Family character explained

Bok I-na is Gwi-ju’s daughter, whom Da-hae manages to get to open up to her. In The Atypical Family, Park So-yi plays I-na.

On the day I-na was born, Gwi-ju’s superior covered for him at work and tragically died in a fire. This incident deeply affected Gwi-ju. 

Despite his attempts to save his superior by revisiting the past, he failed every time. As a result, Gwi-ju grew depressed and drifted apart from his family. 

Soon after, I-na’s mother decided to leave Gwi-ju, who was so consumed by his past that he neglected his family, and move out with I-na. 

On the day I-na’s mother made this decision, she got into a car accident with I-na. While I-na survived, her mother did not.

An isolated girl

Gwi-ju’s depression leads to his inability to connect with I-na or provide her with support. He does not know his daughter very well.

I-na also receives little support from her grandmother, Man-heum, who is disappointed that I-na has not inherited any superpowers. 

I-na’s grandfather looks out for her, but he too struggles to get her to open up to him. No one notices that I-na has the power to read minds by looking into people’s eyes.

I-na grows up as a quiet child, feeling isolated and invisible to everyone around her. At school as well, I-na feels alienated. She does not fit in and does not have any friends. 

Initially, Da-hae only tries to bond with I-na to win Gwi-ju over, but she soon grows to genuinely care for her. She even helps Gwi-ju be a better father to I-na.

I-na warns Da-hae to stay away from her strange family. She also tells her about her family’s superpowers, but Da-hae does not heed her warning.

I-na’s relationship with Da-hae

With time, Da-hae becomes the one person I-na can turn to in her time of need. Da-hae also finds out about I-na’s powers, which have gone unnoticed by everyone else.

Similarly, as I-na reads Da-hae’s mind, she is the first one in the Bok family to discover that Da-hae is trying to scam them and that she has started developing feelings for Gwi-ju.

The Atypical Family Bok In-a
I-na reads Da-hae’s mind

I-na does not fail to notice that her father is happier because of Da-hae and that he is making an effort to change.

I-na does not expose Da-hae because she believes that her grandmother, who values the family’s superpowers too much, needs to be taught a lesson.

Eventually, Da-hae decides against scamming the Boks and reveals the truth to everyone. With Da-hae leaving, the Boks revert to how they were before she entered their lives.

Not long after, I-na gets overwhelmed at school when she loses her glasses and inadvertently starts reading everyone’s minds.

In her distress, I-na seeks out Da-hae, as Da-hae is the only person she can make eye contact with without feeling scared, and Da-hae helps her as she always does. 

I-na then makes Gwi-ju realize that Da-hae exposed herself because she cared about him. She also points out to her father that with Da-hae’s help, he can finally save people’s lives.

Just when Gwi-ju had decided to part ways with Da-hae, I-na brings them together, understanding that they both need each other.

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