Blood Boots: The Brothers Sun character explained

Blood Boots is a supporting character in Netflix’s crime drama series, The Brother Sun, playing a smaller yet memorable role in the story. Jon Xue Zhang plays the character in the show.

Blood Boots and Xing are the first of the enforcements sent from Taiwan to LA, to aid Charles in protecting Eileen and Bruce from the mysterious assassins hell-bent on killing them.

The adorable enforcer

Blood Boots has been part of the Jade Dragons for a long time.

In the first episode, when he’s complaining about only getting the job of cleaning after the blood has been shed, he mentions being in the game for thirty years.

He’s a formidable part of the Triad’s army, though, as he proves later on in LA when fighting several of the Boxers’ assassinations at Ka Spa.

Blood Boots Bruce The Brothers Sun
Blood Boots spending time with Bruce

As brutal as he is when fighting enemies, he’s just about an equal amount of cheerful and friendly when it comes to the more social and civil interactions.

He helps Bruce with his pending fees, encourages him to talk with his crush Grace, and even imparts some wisdom. He also really enjoys Bruce’s performance at his improv show.

Part of the family

Blood Boots is almost a part of the Sun family at the show’s beginning. By the time his last moments pass, all approximations are nil and he cements himself as a true friend.

He goes to rescue Eileen Sun, whom he respects the most, even more than the triad head Big Sun, from the Boxers. However, the faceless collective ends up capturing him.

They then warn Eileen to give up the names of other triad heads or they would kill him. Eileen still can not share the names as the stakes are just too high, and Blood Boots encourages her not to reveal anything either.

In a heartbreaking but tender moment, he shares his last goodbyes with Eileen and prepares himself for the inevitable, due to a gunshot to his head.

When Bruce finds his lifeless body at the scene, he’s traumatized and later shares he might never be able to overcome that.

Eileen, whom Bruce has never seen drink even once in his life, consumed alcohol while grieving the loss of a loyal member of the triad.

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