Blasted (2022) summary and ending explained

‘Blasted’ (2022) is a comedy sci-fi film wherein a bachelor party escalates into a fight against aliens. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

A former childhood friend crashes Sebastian’s bachelor party wherein only an alien invasion makes them put their bad blood aside and reunite as the laser tag duo they once were.

Sebastian is introduced as a high-strung fellow who is trying to get a client to invest in his company for the past six years. Things don’t go too well for him during the presentation.

In an effort to re-entice him to buy into the idea, Sebastian invites the client to his bachelor party. He promises him a wild and crazy time that he won’t be able to forget, which will help him gain his trust.

Sebastian’s friends, however, have planned the bachelor party and their idea of “fun” is pretty different. It involves going out into the woods and going to an observatory where a local legend says mysterious lights observed in the sky could be extraterrestrials.

At the last moment, Sebastian’s childhood friend joins the bachelor party. Apparently, Sebastian and Mikkel used to be a great team, not only the best of friends but also highly ranked laser tag players.

It is soon established that Hessdalen, the venue of the bachelor party, has indeed been invaded by aliens.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Blasted ending explained in detail:

Bachelor bash to fighting aliens

While Sebastian is preparing for his presentation with Kasper Kielland, Audun reveals to him that he has planned his bachelor party for the weekend. He adds that the party will take place in a cabin in Hessdalen and would involve board games, sing-alongs, toys, quizzes, etc. 

Audun explains to him how famous Hessdalen lights are for the conspiracy of the lights being extraterrestrial. Despite all the excitement from Pelle and Audun, Sebastian rejects the invitation.

Later, he blows the presentation as Kasper simply gets bored of statistics and tells him that this was not the experience that would make him invest his money. Sebastian invites him to his bachelor party and guarantees that it would be an experience he will never forget.

Sebastian tells Audun that he needs the best bachelor party and hands him a list of things that should be followed in order to make it fun for Kasper. In a turn of events, however, Audun resumes with his own list of board games and the alien mystery, as Sebastian’s childhood friend Mikkel shows up unannounced.

Kasper is more impressed by Mikkel than the rest of the party. As the party gets more boring, Sebastian seconds Mikkel’s idea to go paintballing.

In the paintball park, the group of five realise it is isolated but begin the game on their own. During the game, Sebastian shoots someone outside the group by mistake. The group goes to figure out who it is and it turns out the man whose eyes are glowing green and is extremely violent.

Sebastian realises they should escape the venue as soon as possible but the cab they travelled in does not start. It is then unveiled that the motor is stolen and so are everyone’s mobile phones.

Realising they are stranded, they start walking towards the observatory as it is closer than the cabin they were residing in.

Laser-tagging through Hessdalen

Once all of them – Sebastian, Mikkel, Audun, Pelle and Kasper – reach the observatory, Sebastian and Mikkel go inside while the rest of them are on the lookout.

Inside, Sebastian and Mikkel try to call the police but the sheriff hangs up as she thinks it is a prank call. 

They find corpses and witness two people communicating via telepathy with glowing green eyes. This further confirms Mikkel’s argument that there are aliens in the valley.

They wait for the aliens to leave and tread carefully. On their way to the cabin, they are chased by a group of people in whom the aliens reside like parasites. During the happenstance action, they discover that a laser tag gun has the ability to kill the aliens or at least make the aliens leave the body of the hosts.

Sebastian and Mikkel are able to make it to the police station while Kasper, Auden and Pelle are captured by the aliens. They somehow convince the sheriff about the aliens as Mikkel shoots a police officer who was possessed by the alien.

Meanwhile, the aliens blow up the observatory to get rid of the evidence. The sheriff stays at her father’s store while lends the police car to Sebastian and Mikkel. They get more laser tag guns and go on to find the others. 

On their way, they kill a lot of aliens and finally reach the main cave where the main aliens resided and operated from.

No way home

In the cave, where Pelle, Audun and Kasper are captured, the aliens seem to have been working on something bigger – producing more like them via a machine. 

Sebastian and Mikkel reach the cave but are captured too. Soon, Sebastian realises that the laser grenade attached to their suit will help save them.

He manages to reach it while everyone prepares to escape. Audun keeps the aliens distracted and asks everyone to leave.

Sebastian, Mikkel and Pelle manage to escape. The wedding day takes place with Sebastian and Mikkel starting their business in laser tag.

To their knowledge, Audun died saving them. In the end, it is revealed that the UFO, while taking off, also took Audun and Kasper. Audun has found a way to survive in outer space, trying to find a way back home.

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