Man vs Bee summary and ending explained

In the comedy Man vs Bee, a British housesitter engages in combat with a bee inside an opulent mansion. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

When Nina and Eric decide it’s time to take a vacation from their opulent estate, they contact a company that sends Trevor Bingley to take care of the house.

As soon as they depart and a bee enters the home, turmoil and trauma ensue. The head of a stone artefact is first ripped from its body, and afterwards, we watch Cupcake the dog ruining sofa furniture and tearing pages out of books.

Trevor occasionally tries to get the bee in the microwave or makes other dangerous attempts out of desperation.

By rotating around and scratching his head, Trevor discovers how to operate the automatic cabinets. He then makes soup while using the incorrect burner, utterly destroying the manual that he had for some reason left on top of the stove.

The dog toys that he unintentionally dropped wedged themselves in the library door—which is often secured by the security system using codes equivalent to years’ worth of unpronounceable battles—because they were dog toys.

Along with other valuable artefacts that make it off-limits to Cupcake, it contains a priceless manuscript. However, Cupcake follows the bee as it stings her and flies into the propped-open library door, and the door closes behind her.

Because Trevor is human and only uses his phone to make video calls to his daughter, whose face he adores, rather than because he is an outdated human, he continuously loses to machines.

They call the man they foolishly entrusted their home to find out if their assets, including an E-type Jaguar, priceless artwork, and Cupcake the dog, are still intact.

Meanwhile, a flamethrower rage attack on their spotless home results in its destruction. Naturally, Bee isn’t even slightly burned.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here is a complete breakdown.

Man vs Bee ending explained in detail:

The D-Day scenario

The situation for Trevor worsens in “Chapter 9,” as the homeowners arrive just in time to see Trevor plan his most lethal strategy yet, which he hopes will put an end to the ravaging insect once and for all.

Trevor had previously laid up his trap. He prepared an old wooden beehive, filled it with opened honey jars, and loaded a secret bomb inside. The bee is immediately captivated by this opulent meal and moves toward the trap.

Trevor connects the wires once the bee enters, causing the beehive to burst and soar into the air. Just as the homeowners turn onto their driveway, the house sitter uses his binoculars to ensure the bee is dead.

The scene of destruction

The windows are broken by the explosion, and a cabinet falls over the beloved Jaguar of the homeowner, Christian. This falling object causes the car to roll out of the garage and into another expensive work of art, burning it on fire in the process. Now falling loose, the beehive lands on Cupcake, squashing the beloved pet. Of course, the bee survives unharmed.

From this moment forward, Trevor fully loses it and runs to the shed to get a flamethrower. He recklessly sets everything in his way on fire as he pursues the bee. Just in time to see this bizarre scene, Christian and Nina walk into their home.

Trevor eventually finds himself in court and ultimately behind bars. He is judged responsible for criminal damage, arson, reckless driving, and intentional neglect. Three years are deducted from the loving father. Christian learns he will receive nine million pounds in insurance payments, Cupcake survives, and Trevor grows his hair while incarcerated.

A sharp turn in the months that followed

Three months later, the story picks up as Trevor overhears one of the burglars discussing the robbery with the other prisoners after breaking into Christian’s mansion.

Christian asked him to rob the mansion as part of massive insurance fraud, adding that all of the expensive artwork was bogus. While Christian is detained and put in prison the same day as Trevor, who alerted the authorities to the swindle and was subsequently freed early.

In the climactic scene, Trevor finally takes Maddy on the camping trip they had long spoken about. The bothersome bee returns and eats his sandwich while Trevor is sitting outside his caravan. Trevor gives the bee a piece of his sandwich out of kindness and consideration at first, but soon he returns to his old ways. He pursues the bee around the caravan, once more destroying everything in his way.

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