Blair Quan: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained

Blair Quan is a former alumna of Sherman Oaks who was idolized by Devi and is supposed to give Devi a personal tour of Princeton. The character is portrayed by Jade Bender.

During their New York trip to check out colleges, Devi has a personal tour of Princeton arranged with Blair Quan. Blair was a senior when Devi joined Sherman Oaks and she was in awe of Blair’s dedication to be the best.

Blair got into Princeton through early admission after becoming valedictorian in high school and Devi is very keen to follow in her footsteps. After checking in, she meets with Blair who says that they can tour the college and classes later on.

Instead, Blair takes Devi to the Armstrong Inn which is the eating club that Blair belongs to.

Putting on a show

Devi and Blair chat in the Inn as Blair talks about how strict her mother was back home and how she truly opened up once she joined college. She promises that Devi will feel the same way about it.

The music picks up and Blair says that her dining club is having a party so they should join in. Blair heads to the bar and serves them a couple of drinks before heading onto the dance floor.

While they’re there, a college kid approaches them and hits on Devi but after Blair tells him that she’s in high school, he backs off. A man walks up to Blair and asks her why she isn’t behind the bar or wearing her uniform before firing her.

Blair Quan: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained 1
Blair actually worked at the Inn as a bartender and waitress

She and Devi leave as Blair admits that she actually is not a student in Princeton anymore and worked as a bartender in the Inn. When Devi asks her what happened, she says that she was so burnt out from studying all the time that she didn’t bother in college.

With no one else to push her, she ended up failing her exams and dropping out. Devi begins to worry that she might go through the same thing.

Blair begs for her job back and invites Devi back in who is now joined by Fabiola, Eleanor, and Ben. The college kid who had approached Devi earlier gets very handy with her and Ben pushes him away. The guy punches Ben and they’re all kicked out.

Devi expresses her fears with Ben but Ben says that Blair was perfect in school so she was set up for failure but Devi has made mistakes and grown from her experiences so she won’t end up the same way.

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