Beyond the Universe ending explained: Does Nina fulfill her musical dream?

Beyond the Universe follows the story of Nina, a talented pianist with lupus, as she meets a doctor who helps her pursue her musical dream again. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Nina, since she was 13 years old, dreamed of performing as a pianist for the Symphony Orchestra. She kept those dreams on hold after collapsing on stage and discovering that she has lupus.

In order to survive, she needs a kidney transplant, and until the right match arrives, she has to visit the hospital three times a week for hemodialysis.

Despite knowing that she can’t live a normal life until she gets that transplant, Nina strives to chase her dream again when she comes across an advertisement in the newspaper suggesting that the Symphony Orchestra needs a pianist.

Nina gets back to her piano lessons again and crosses paths with Gabriel, a resident at a hospital, who is mesmerized after watching her perform at the railway station.

The first meeting of theirs doesn’t go well, but they eventually catch up when Nina meets him again for her hemodialysis.

Things start falling apart for Nina, as she loses her job as a piano teacher due to her condition. The conservatory where she taught piano lessons was the only place where she practiced.

Gabriel’s urge to help her sees him asking her to use the piano at the hospital’s chapel.

As he encourages her to chase her dreams, the couple gets closer, and they eventually start hanging out together, only to fall in love with each other.

Amidst all of this, Gabriel is constantly reminded by his colleague, Yuri, and his father, Alberto, who is also the director of the hospital, that he can’t have a relationship with a patient.

Gabriel is soon put under investigation after volunteering to donate his kidney to her, even though they don’t match. She, on the other hand, unaware of Gabriel’s investigation, auditions for the Symphony Orchestra, only to collapse on stage again.

Nina eventually finds out about the investigation through a mail she sees on his phone and decides to break things off with him.

Apart from that, after passing out on the stage for the second time, she also loses hope of performing with the Symphony Orchestra.

Beyond the Universe ending explained in detail:

Do Nina & Gabriel get back together?

On one of her hospital visits, Nina meets Amanda again, who also has been attending hemodialysis sessions. Amanda hears her story and scolds Nina for making the stupidest decision of breaking up with Gabriel.

After suffering for years, Nina found some happiness in Gabriel and she shouldn’t let it go like that.

Nina realizes her mistake and invades the committee meeting where Gabriel was being investigated. She confesses that Gabriel had nothing to do with the relationship they had, as she was the one who made the first move.

Nina also refers to him as the best doctor they have owing to the way he treats his patients. Once Nina leaves, the board members let Gabriel keep his license.

Gabriel plans to pay Nina back by arranging a concert just for her at the hospital’s chapel. The staff helps him to make the best out of it. He even manages to get a juror from the Symphony Orchestra to see her perform.

The couple gets back together and Gabriel promises Nina that he will take her to the Universe Point mountain, the place he and his mother used to visit, once she recovers.

How does Gabriel die?

While Nina pursues her dream, Gabriel heads out for Universe Point mountain in memory of his mother. He promised Nina that he would send a video from up there, and he did.

During his time at the mountain, he loses his mother’s only picture and climbs down using a rope to retrieve it. Though he gets his hands on it, the rope breaks and Gabriel falls off the cliff.

A helicopter brings Gabriel back to the hospital. By the time Nina arrives, the doctors declare Gabriel dead.

Where does Nina end up?

Nina grieves the death of the person who gave her hope again. Nina’s father encourages her to not give up, as that is something Gabriel wouldn’t have wanted.

Nina agrees and picks herself up again. Soon, a person volunteers to donate his kidney to Nina as he is a perfect match for her.

He is none other than Gabriel’s father, who was reminded by his son that medicine is most of the time about comfort and sometimes about finding a cure.

A year later, Nina attends Yuri’s marriage and finally fulfills her dream of playing with the Symphony Orchestra, the one dream Gabriel encouraged her to chase after she gave up due to her condition.

Nina later visits the Universe Point mountain to keep the promise Gabriel made to her. During her time at the mountain, Nina reunites with Gabriel in a universe beyond.

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