Baylan Skoll: Ahsoka character explained

Baylan Skoll is a former Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 and serves as a mercenary wielding the force. The character is portrayed by the late Ray Stevenson who passed away in May of 2023.

Baylan Skoll disappeared at the end of the Clone Wars and now travels the galaxy as a mercenary with his apprentice Shin Hati and the Inquisitor Marrok.

Actor Ray Stevenson portrayed the force wielder in one of his final roles before his passing and he received a tribute at the end of the first episode.

Baylan is identified by Huyang thanks to his lightsaber design but not much else is revealed about him beyond that.

Baylan Skoll: Ahsoka character explained 1
Baylan Skoll is not a member of the Sith, and simply craves power

A blade for hire

Baylan frees Morgan Elsbeth from her captivity with her impressed with his loyalty. He claims that the payment he received ensured his efforts, pointing to his greed.

He works alongside Morgan in the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn as their last resort to keep the Empire alive. Shin is not entirely convinced by Morgan but Baylan appears to have a steady head on his shoulders.

When Morgan brings up Ahsoka’s presence on Corellia, she mentions that Baylan seems worried. Baylan says that Ahsoka is someone who must not be underestimated because her determination is strong.

He also expresses a small hint of regret at the thought of killing Ahsoka when the time comes, since there are very few Jedi still left out in the galaxy.

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