Ahsoka season 1 episodes 1 and 2 recaps & review

Ahsoka follows Ahsoka Tano in her search for Grand Admiral Thrawn and to put an end to the Imperial Regime once and for all. The episodes are streaming on Disney+.

Episode 1 recap: Master and Apprentice

A New Republic ship is transporting Morgan Elsbeth when a smaller ship approaches its location. The figures on board the ship claim to be Jedi, but they are actually dark force users who have come to free Lady Elsbeth.

Ahsoka Tano travels to an ancient temple built by Nightsisters and retrieves a star map. She is met by assassin droids when she’s leaving but she manages to escape with the droid Huyang who is piloting her ship.

Ahsoka is called to the location of the massacre where General Hera Syndulla briefs her on the attack. Ahsoka shows her the star map but mentions that it is locked and they aren’t sure how to unlock it.

Hera says that there is one person who can help and Ahsoka begrudgingly agrees. Governor Ryder Azadi is hosting a ceremony on Lothal to celebrate Ezra Bridger’s sacrifice and Sabine Wren is supposed to be attending but she isn’t there.

She heads to the observation tower where she spends most of her time and watches a message that Ezra left for her before he disappeared.

Ahsoka arrives on Lothal to meet with Sabine and tells her that the map is key to finding Thrawn and Ezra. Sabine sneaks away with the map while Huyang tells Ahsoka that one of the attackers was former Jedi Baylan Skoll.

Morgan tells Baylan to send his apprentice, Shin Hati, to Lothal as she believes she will find the map there. Sabine unlocks the map and sees a path to another galaxy but she is immediately attacked by some droids and Shin.

Ahsoka is discussing the past with Hera and mentions how she failed as Sabine’s master. Huyang brings Sabine’s distress message and they rush over there.

They do not get there in time as Shin leaves with the map after plunging her lightsaber through Sabine.

Episode 2 recap: Toil and Trouble

Sabine is recovering with Ahsoka by her side. Ahsoka asks her what happened and then goes back to the scene of the attack to find more clues.

One of the droids that attacked Sabine is still there and Ahsoka takes it down with ease. Sabine says she can find out where the droid came from using its head.

She discovers that it came from Corellia where Morgan owned factories before. Baylan and Shin travel to a planet called Seatos where they find a reflex point for the map.

Morgan shows Baylan and Shin the contents of the map, a record of the galaxies within the universe, and a route to finding the banished Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Ahsoka and Hera meet on Corellia to have a look at what’s going on. They question the foreman who insists that everything is above board. They notice a hyperdrive core but when they ask what it is for, the foreman says it is classified.

Sabine talks to Huyang about her training and how Ahsoka would not have come to see her if it were not for the map. Huyang tells her to let go of the past and focus on the future.

When Hera and Ahsoka question the foreman further, one of the protocol droids mentions that an assassin droid with high clearance stopped them from doing their duties a few rotations ago and is currently leaving.

They are then attacked by everyone in the control center who turns out to be Imperial sympathizers. Hera rushes to her ship and Ahsoka chases after the ship that is leaving with the hyperdrive core.

She is stopped by Inquisitor Marrok, who is working with Baylan and Shin. Hera immediately gets in the air to follow the transport chip and asks Chopper to get a tracking chip on it.

Ahsoka and Marrok are equally matched but Shin arrives to help the inquisitor escape. Hera lets the transport go into hyperspace after getting the tracker planted.

Sabine goes back to the observation tower and gathers all of her armor, readying herself for a journey. Hera oversees the arrest of everyone on Corellia who has been working with the Empire.

Ahsoka heads back to Lothal to pick up Sabine who is willing to be her padawan again. They get the location of the hyperdrive core from Hera and make their way there.

Morgan has the core installed in her ship, the ‘Eye of Sion’, so that she may travel to Thrawn’s location and retrieve him. Baylan expresses some concern over Ahsoka’s pursuit of them and envisions her arrival soon.


  • One of the biggest sticking points of this series is that it requires some in-depth knowledge of the Star Wars: Rebels series, limiting its accessibility. Building an expansive universe is impressive but it can be exhausting for audiences to keep up with everything.
  • The franchise always delivers on its droid character and while Chopper has a well-known reputation from before, Huyang is certainly making a name for themselves in the first two episodes. David Tennant does a wonderful job expressing the sassiness of the elderly droid.
  • As with most titles in Star Wars, the background score is so essential to the tone of Ahsoka and the orchestral compositions are beautiful. Adding in other themes as easter eggs is something that is employed regularly.
  • Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati appear to be interesting characters, while there is a mystery surrounding the identity of Inquisitor Marrok. Keeping their stories in the chamber builds up the intrigue in their origins.
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