How I Met Your Father season 2 episodes 10 and 11 recaps & review

In episodes 10 and 11 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie explores her relationship with Robert, and Jesse tries to get over Sophie and get back out there. The episodes are streaming on Hulu.

Episode 10 recap: I’m his Swish

Sophie has a pep in her step because she’s been dating Robert for a few weeks but her friends constantly joke that he’s much older than them. However, when they finally see him, they’re impressed by his appearance.

Sid and Charlie suddenly get insecure about growing old and promise each other they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they age beautifully. Jesse is bummed out by the fact that Sophie is with someone else and Ellen tries to comfort him.

Valentina says that she adjusted the age range on her dating apps and is dating someone as well. Sophie invites Robert to her apartment for a night in and he says he’s looking forward to it.

Ellen goes over to Jesse’s apartment to hang out with him and cheer him up but she gets a call from Rachel who’s back in New York and wants to spend time with her.

Sid and Charlie visit a wellness center to try anything to ensure they remain young. Sophie sets up a nice romantic dinner at her apartment but Valentina walks in with the guy she’s dating, Swish, who is still in college.

Sophie asks her to leave so that she can have the apartment to herself and Robert but Valentina says that they’re going to have to share. Sid and Charlie try out cryotherapy, botox, chemical peels, and the works.

Jesse leaves to get a pizza but when he gets back, he finds Ellen fooling around with Rachel in his bed. They tell him that he needs to get laid and not remain hung up on Sophie.

Valentina and Sophie continue to be at odds with each other and Sophie doesn’t believe that Valentina actually likes Swish but she says she loves him, something that Swish overhears.

He rushes out but Valentina soon admits that she isn’t really interested in him and just got jealous when Sophie paraded her relationship with Robert in front of her. She also says that Swish gives her an ego boost because he’s always impressed whenever she does something.

Sophie has a feeling that Robert is dating her for the same reason so Valentina gives her way to test that theory. She tries to make plans with Robert in the near future but he insists that they can look at it later and right now he just wants to go home.

He finally admits that he’s tired from staying up later than usual since he began dating her and wants to relax. She’s comforted by this fact after which he offers to spend the following weekend with her at his place upstate to which she says yes.

Jesse meets a girl at a bar thanks to Ellen but when he takes her back home, he finds Charlie and Sid who look completely deformed because of all the treatments they went through.

When they’re in his room, the girl finds a bra in his bed and he explains that it’s his sister’s because she was sleeping there earlier. Realizing that he’s completely bombed this date, he offers to call her a cab.

Sophie and Valentina finally make peace but Swish shows up and proposes to Valentina and she says yes. When Sophie asks her why she would do that, Valentina confidently says that he’ll forget about it in no time since he’s a young kid.

Episode 11 recap: Daddy

Sophie is very excited to spend the weekend with Robert at his fancy house upstate as she packs her bags. She asks Valentina about her recent engagement and Valentina is dismissive of it altogether, even though Swish is taking things very seriously on his end.

Ellen, Jesse, and Valentina are hanging out at the bar when Charlie tells them that its Lost and Found day, when they pick out items from the lost and found box after it’s full.

Jesse gets first pick and gets a shiny gold watch from the box. Valentina gets a box about home haircuts and Jesse says that it is actually his and would like it back. Valentina refuses to return it so Jesse challenges her for it.

Sid is traveling to meet Hannah and he finds himself next to a woman named Taylor who is visiting her boyfriend. They bond over the struggles of maintaining a long distance relationship.

Sophie and Robert are having a nice time together when he asks her to pick out a record to play. She picks one and Robert says he saw them perform at the very first Lollapalooza back in ’91.

Sophie remembers that her mother mentioned meeting her dad at the same concert and suddenly worries that Robert might be her father. Suddenly, everything he does makes her uncomfortable and she asks him if he’s got any pictures from that day.

Jesse and Valentina see who can pull off the better look using only things in the lost and found and Valentina wins the challenge quite easily. While she’s celebrating with the book, a receipt falls out of it and looking at it makes everything clear to her.

He meets her in Sid’s office where she reveals that the receipt has a love song about Sophie on it that Jesse wrote the previous week. He says that he doesn’t want to do anything about and make things a mess like last time so Valentina agrees to keep his secret.

Sophie sees a picture of Robert with her mother so she sends him to get another bottle of wine and sends a picture of the photograph to her mother to ask if he’s her father. She also sneaks out of the house and begins driving back to the city but ends up rear-ending someone.

That person turns out to be Barney Stinson and she asks him how much she owes him for the damage. She complains that she’s having the worst day and might become bankrupt now so he tells her to tell him what she’s going through.

If the story is interesting enough, he’ll let her off the hook for the damages. She tells him about how she met Robert before eventually thinking he might be her father right until the moment she hit his car.

He talks about his own complicated history with his father and how even though finding him didn’t solve all of his problems, it was an overall good experience. He tells her that she’s better off tracking her real father down after Lori confirms that Robert isn’t him.

She reaches back to the city and runs into Robert who was worried about her. He agrees that he and her mother didn’t sleep together but admits that they did do a lot of other stuff. They both decide that things are too weird between them to move forward and break up.

Sophie meets everyone else and tells them about the break up before claiming that she’s ready to track down her father. Jesse tells her that they’ll all be there to support her when she does.

As they’re all leaving, Valentina takes out the receipt with the love song and leaves it back in the lost and found box. Sid arrives at Hannah’s apartment and before he walks in, notices that Taylor followed him on social media.


  • This double feature is the perfect way to approach the mid-season break. There’s a nice progression of the story as new plotlines are established.
  • The series once again makes good use of one of the core characters from HIMYM, this time with the appearance of Barney Stinson. While the whole “reformed sexual predator” shtick seemed unnecessary, he was the perfect person to give her advice regarding her father.
  • Sid and Charlie are slowly becoming a fun duo whose adventures always involve a ton of humor and Suraj Sharma and Tom Ainsley have wonderful chemistry together as “the last two brain cells”.
  • Valentina’s supposed engagement is also built up well and the intrigue over the direction it’s headed has been set up brilliantly as Valentina is completely oblivious to the efforts Swish is making.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episodes 10 and 11
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