Ban Ji-eum: See You in My 19th Life character explained

In See You in My 19th Life, Ban Ji-eum gets reincarnated for the 19th time and wishes to reunite with the boy she loved in her last life. Shin Hye-sun plays the role of Ji-eum.

Ji-eum is special. Unlike other people, she remembers all her past lives every time she gets reincarnated. She has already lived 18 lives, and this is her 19th life. 

At the age of nine, when she regains the memories of her past lives, her first thought is to find out whether Seo-ha, the boy she loved in her 18th life, is still alive or not, as even after experiencing so many things in all her lives, he made life exciting for her.


In this life, Ji-eum is born to parents who keep fighting over money. Her father gambles away their money, so there is never enough of it at home. 

To get to Seo-ha, Ji-eum needs money. She starts earning by showcasing the many talents and knowledge that she had acquired in her past lives. She makes a name for herself as the “Girl-of-all-trades”.

See You in My 19th Life Ban Ji-eum
Ji-eum performs as the Girl-of-all-trades

However, her family takes all the money that she earns, and she never gets the chance to find Seo-ha. Finally, she decides to seek help from Ae-gyeong, the woman who was her niece in her 17th life; Ji-eum was a showman in that life.

She manages to convince Ae-gyeong that she is indeed a reincarnation of her uncle. Ji-eum then moves in with Ae-gyeong and goes on to graduate from the school for gifted students. She even gets an engineering doctorate easily and becomes a senior researcher at the age of 24.

The love that survived death

In her 18th life, Ji-eum was named Ju-won. She met Seo-ha for the first time when her mother took her to his house. Seo-ha was younger than Ju-won. The two of them did not get along initially, but they eventually became friends.

When Seo-ha’s mother, who had been sick, passed away, it was Ju-won who comforted him. Their friendship grew into love, and Ju-won promised to tell Seo-ha about her feelings for him on his birthday.

That never happened, as the two of them got into an accident on Seo-ha’s birthday. Seo-ha survived, but Ju-won did not. Ju-won then takes birth as Ji-eum.

See You in My 19th Life Ban Ji-eum
Ji-eum finds out that Seo-ha is still alive

After borrowing money from Ae-gyeong, Ji-eum goes to see Seo-ha in her 19th life. Seo-ha is much older now, and Ji-eum secretly follows him around until he goes away one day. Ji-eum still does not give up. 

Once she grows up, she decides to work for the company where Seo-ha works. When she fails to meet him there as well, she quits her job and applies for a job at MI Hotel, Seo-ha’s mother’s hotel that he is going to restore. 

Ji-eum finally comes face to face with Seo-ha. While Seo-ha does not know that Ji-eum is Ju-won, Ji-eum is determined to get close to him and find a happy ending to their love story that was left incomplete in her past life.

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