Axe Woves: The Mandalorian character explained

Axe Woves was one of Bo-Katan’s allies who eventually took over leadership of the Mandalorians once she was cast out. The character is portrayed by Simon Kassianides.

Axe Woves was a part of clan Kryze and just like Bo-Katan, he wished to return Mandalore to its former glory before the rule of the Empire. He was present on Trask when Din Djarin was attacked by Quarrens who were after his beskar armor.

Woves proved to be a skilled combatant and showed particular disdain for Din Djarin and the Children of the Watch, referring to them as a Mandalorian “cult”.

Rejoining the fold

After Bo-Katan couldn’t secure the Darksaber from Din Djarin, the other Mandalorians abandoned her and decided to pursue other avenues to get by.

Woves became the leader as they offered their services for a price. They considered themselves privateers and were in possession of Imperial ships to carry out their tasks.

Before heading to Plazir-15, they carried out a contract for the Mon Calamari Viceroy, tracking down a Quarren ship to retrieve the viceroy’s son who had fallen in love with the Quarren captain.

He insists that he’s not one to judge and simply does what he’s paid to do.

Later on, when Bo-Katan confronts him, he accepts her challenge for leadership of the fleet. After being beaten, he reminds her that she will not be taken seriously until she wields the Darksaber.

Axe Woves: The Mandalorian character explained 1
Axe Woves is bested by Bo-Katan in combat

When Djarin explains that Bo-Katan is the rightful owner of the blade, he is the first to accept it and pledge his loyalty to her.

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