Zeb’s cameo in the Mandalorian season 3 explained

Zeb is yet another character added to the long list of members in the animated universe to get a live-action depiction with the Star Wars: Rebels character making a brief appearance in The Mandalorian.

Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios is a male Lasat and former member of the honor guard whose race was almost wiped out by the Empire which gave him a hunger for revenge.

He served on the ship named Ghost under the codename “Spectre 4” as part of the Rebellion that directly caused the fall of the Empire. The character is voiced by Steven Blum in both iterations.

Zeb makes a brief appearance in The Mandalorian when Captain Teva receives a distress message from Greef Karga while he’s stationed on a New Republic base. The Lasat expresses his sympathy for Nevarro and shows a clear lack of confidence when Teva says he’s going to request Coruscant for aid.

Zeb's cameo in the Mandalorian season 3 explained 1
Zeb tells Teva that he won’t have much luck getting help from his superiors

A noble warrior

Zeb mainly served as the muscle of the Ghost squadron due to his military past and extensive training in combat. He was a formidable fighter with many skills but outside of battle, had a very mixed personality.

He would appear very rough and grumpy to people he didn’t know but around his close ones, he would come across as quite witty and fun to spend time with.

Zeb had a complicated relationship with Agent Kallus of the ISB. Kallus used a Bo-Rifle during one of their encounters, the traditional weapon of a Lasat guard and this sent Zeb into a berserker rage.

Zeb's cameo in the Mandalorian season 3 explained 2
Zeb and Kallus in Star Wars: Rebels

However, after becoming a rebel spy and winning Zeb’s respect, Zeb took Kallus to Lira San, the ancient home of the Lasat people so that he could be accepted as one of them.

Zeb also treated Ezra Bridger with indifference when he first joined the crew but soon became close friends with the Jedi.

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