At Midnight ending explained: Are Sophie and Alejandro together?

The romantic comedy flick At Midnight follows the love story between an actress and an aspiring hotelier.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

At Midnight opens with Sophie and Adam shooting a scene for their popular superhero movie trilogy. Sophie is side-tracked as Adam’s girlfriend even on a talk show and does not get her fair share of the limelight. Her identity is limited to being ‘Firephina’ (her character in the superhero trilogy) and to being famous starlet, Adam Clarke’s girlfriend. However, things take a turn when Sophie finds Adam cheating on her.

Margot, who is an agent for both Adam and Sophie, tries to control the situation by getting in touch with Chris, Sophie’s manager. While contemplating Sophie’s public image, Sophie’s best friends, Rachel, and Chris console her as she experiences a breakdown. As the show must go on, the entire crew travels to Mexico to finish filming the final movie.

Alejandro has a history of dating tourists. He finds it easier to have flings than to commit. He happens to work at the hotel where Sophie and her movie crew are supposed to be staying. Alejandro is not a fan of movie stars but to his dismay, he is appointed to care for and assist the movie crew for six weeks.

Sophie is on her mode of the break-up phase and trying to make sense of her current situation now that she is in Mexico. After receiving a pep-talk from Rachel, who is on this trip as well, Sophie heads off to a shower. Prior to this, Alejandro inspected the suite for the guests, and whilst doing so, he realises that there are no towels in the bathroom.

As luck may have it, Alejandro enters the suite only to find Sophie naked behind the bathroom door. Following the incident, the two don’t take a fancy to each other.

Adam is trying his best to get back together with Sophie, who has partially moved on from the relationship. After a long day at shooting, Sophie returns to the hotel late only to find that there is no service for food past midnight. With a little hope in her heart, Sophie finds her way to the refrigerator in the hotel’s kitchen. Upon finding her there, Alejandro makes a sandwich for her, and the two start to fraternize.

Sophie and Alejandro quickly grow close and have quite a few midnight dates. As things begin to become more romantic, Sophie auditions for a movie role which could be a huge break for her. Amidst this, the duo sneaks away for a whole day getaway.

During the romantic date away from the cellular tower, Alejandro confides in Sophie about his dream of being a hotelier. Parallel to this, Rachel, Chris, and almost everyone else tries to track down Sophie for she had a big meeting for her possible stand-alone film.

Having caused chaos because of the getaway, Sophie lashes out at Alejandro, only to apologize to him later. Alejandro contemplates whether or not he wants to continue to pursue what he has with Sophie. After the apology, Sophie insists on visiting Alejandro’s family in Mexico City since she has a weekend off and wishes to spend it with him. Having happily agreed to the prospect, Alejandro helps Sophie tour the place and introduces her to his family on his sister’s birthday lunch.

During lunch, Sophie finds out that she has not gotten the role for the movie she was auditioning for. To add to the discomfort of the news, she overhears Alejandro referring to her as “just a tourist” to his father. Both Alejandro and Sophie have a heated argument at the dining table and call everything quits.

After a while, Alejandro realizes that he is in love with Sophie. He goes to find her at the movie sets, and with the approval of Rachel and Adam – Alejandro declares his love to Sophie in public. However, Sophie turns him down.

At a party, where Sophie is offered a stand-alone movie for Firephina, a young fan praises Sophie and expresses her desire to become just like Sophie. Having a change of heart, Sophie rushes to Alejandro, who is packing his bags to finally go ahead and follow his dreams. Before At Midnight rolls the credits, Alejandro and Sophie reunite after Sophie tells him she loves him.

At Midnight ending explained in detail:

What happens after Adam is caught cheating on Sophie?

Sophie and Adam have had a relationship for five years. Working together as protagonists in a superhero movie, Sophie and Adam have a very public relationship that endorses their movies as well. However, everything almost falls apart when Sophie finds Adam cheating on her.

Rachel, who is Sophie’s best friend, encourages her to tweet about the breakup. However, Margot puts forward a business-minded idea and encourages both Sophie and Adam to not speak about their separation for the sake of the movie’s reputation and their own. Sophie and Adam do call it quits, but to the media/public, they pretend to be still together.

Are Sophie and Alejandro together?

Sophie and Alejandro have good chemistry and feelings for each other. However, the two are skeptical about committing to each other. Following the heated argument at Alejandro’s family lunch, the couple discontinues their courtship.

Alejandro quickly realizes his love for Sophie and does his best to convince her to stay with him. But Sophie does the contrary – she turns him down. Despite turning Alejandro down, Sophie realizes that she does have feelings for him and goes to find him. At his apartment, Sophie kisses Alejandro and declares her love as well.

Thus yes, Sophie and Alejandro do end up together at the end of At Midnight.

What happens to Sophie’s career?

Sophie is desperate to make her own name in the entertainment industry. She does not want to be solely known as Adam’s girlfriend. After she auditions for a new movie, it is revealed that she does not get the part. Sophie’s career is at a standstill for the time being.

However, towards the end of At Midnight, it is seen that Sophie is offered her very own stand-alone film, for her character Firephina. Her manager, Chris has managed to bag the deal for her.

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