Aspirants season 2 summary and ending explained

Aspirants season 2 follows Abhilash on his first posting as the DM of Rampur, Guri’s financial troubles, and attempts to gain government contracts, and SK’s struggles in between the two. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

As the District Magistrate of Rampur, Abhilash has sanctioned an inquiry into Sandeep and his work as the ALC of the region. This is due to an incident where striking workers ended up starting a violent riot that caused much harm.

Guri gets a government contract to produce protective shoes for firefighters after an anonymous letter sent to Abhilash forces him to step in and handle the process.

SK is mad at Abhilash because he didn’t show up as a guest speaker at SK’s institute like he promised, and that ruined SK’s image in front of the chairman. SK is also annoyed that his dream of opening a coaching center with Guri is being delayed.

Dhairya chose to forego a nomination for an international award despite Guri’s protests, and they also had some financial troubles due to a bank loan that Guri took out. The tender he received from Rampur eased their troubles, but there are still some doubts over the deal.

Back in 2014, Guri convinced himself that he wasn’t going to attempt the UPSC exam again and talked to Dhairya about it, but didn’t let SK know. Abhilash returned for his 5th attempt and finally managed to clear it.

He had two freshers by his side, Sundar and Deepa, and chose not to get in touch with Guri, SK, or Dhairya. He ran into Dhairya a few times but never interacted with her.

Guri’s friendship with Deepa remains till the present day when she’s part of the IPS and he asks Dhairya her opinion about Deepa when they are hanging out. She tells him that he shouldn’t wait so long to share his feelings like he did when he wanted to apologize to her.

Abhilash tells Guri that the inquiry on Sandeep is routine and it won’t harm him at all, but once it is done, Sandeep decides to file a complaint against Abhilash, claiming that he is biased towards his friends.

He also claims that the anonymous letter that led to Guri getting the Tender was sent to him by Dhairya herself, who used to be his ex-girlfriend who is now his friend’s wife.

Abhilash continued to be his stubborn self during his fifth attempt, and that drove an even bigger wedge between him and his old friends. Deepa developed feelings for him, but when she told him, he responded that relationships in Rajinder Nagar never last.

He also doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes he made with Dhairya. After his talk with Dhairya in the present, he asks Deepa if they could give it another go, but she tells him to be certain of his motivations and then come back to her.

The labor issue took place between the workers of Red Giant Distilleries and its owner Dayanand Joshi. Sandeep was handling it in the beginning while keeping Abhilash in the loop.

Meanwhile, the anonymous letter arrived on Abhilash’s desk which asked him to look into the allocation of the tender for the firefighter’s union. He asks his people to do some research into the situation and get back with the results.

He later finds out that the company that got the contract had cut corners and the next best option belonged to Guri. He calls Guri and asks him why they didn’t speak about this, and Guri says that he doesn’t want to raise a conflict of interest.

The issue with the workers doesn’t subside despite Sandeep’s assurances, and Mr. Joshi tries to single out Abhilash in public about the government “harassment” he is receiving. Abhilash does manage to come to a compromise eventually, after which he asks for the inquiry.

During his fifth attempt, Abhilash managed to get a seat in Miss Radha Rajesh’s class, an esteemed lecturer in current affairs. She is incredibly harsh with him during his mock interview, which motivates him in a way to do better in the real one.

SK’s father falls sick and he manages to go back just in time for the operation after writing his mains with some help from Dhairya and Guri.

Aspirants season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Abhilash stick with the coaching?

Abhilash had a cordial relationship with Radha Rajesh because he admired her a lot. Her words in the mock interview demoralized him but also made him better.

He went through a lot of trouble to get into her class after he found out that she had a seat open, but when he found out that she was trying a different dynamic method of learning, he decided not to take the risk.

She tells him that his method hasn’t worked so far, so it will not work now. However, he challenges her that he will crack the exam using his own method, a challenge she accepts and ultimately loses with a sense of pride.

What started the riots at Red Giant Distilleries?

After calling him out in a public space, Dayanand Joshi uses the media to put pressure on Abhilash. When that doesn’t affect him, Mr. Joshi goes to the CM for a favor, and Abhilash does his best to be diplomatic.

While Sandeep is more focused on the rights of the workers as the Assistant Labor Commissioner, Abhilash talks to Mr. Joshi to find a compromise. He eventually breaks the strike without Sandeep’s help, although this takes place after the riots already occurred.

He always felt that Sandeep’s methods came from an emotional place and were a bit too aggressive, and while he’s out with Guri and SK, he gets the call about the riots and rushes over there to survey the situation.

What about Guri and SK?

Just before the riots, Abhilash made a plan to meet with Guri and SK. At that point, Guri was still considering his application for the Rampur tender and SK had committed to his chairman that Abhilash would come as a guest speaker.

When Guri sees how Abhilash talks about other people asking him for help, Guri changes his mind and says that if he applies for the tender, it will be without Abhilash’s help.

SK is humiliated after Abhilash can’t make it, but they eventually make up. He still feels like the lost leg of the tripod who isn’t valued as much by the others.

What about Abhilash and Deepa’s relationship?

Abilash and Deepa have a cold initial interaction but he wins over her gradually and tells her that she can spend time with him and Sundar since she doesn’t know anyone else there.

She feels anxious and wants to move back home but Abhilash convinces her to stay and prepare for her exam right there. He also gets her to quit smoking and the two of them grow closer, leading to her feelings for him.

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