As the Crow Flies season 3 summary and ending explained

As the Crow Flies season 3 concludes the series with major upsets, upheavals, and optimistic endings to the slew of characters, both main and supporting. The final season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Lale enjoys work outside the mainstream media, delivering news to her 2-million-strong viewership. Meanwhile, Asli’s show continues to be a great success, but she wants more than this sensational, kitschy show.

Lale is offered the prime-time slot at a new, huge network called REDW. Gül takes the COO position there and they’re all soon surprised by Müge, who has used her contacts to become the CEO.

Asli is offered the co-host position at Mon5 by Güliz, and she takes it. She feels prickly seeing Yusuf romantic with Güliz, his girlfriend, but she continues on with the job. Yusuf and Güliz fall out as he and Asli have sex in secret.

Rumors circulate online about a sex tape of Lale and Emre, and her reputation takes a huge blow. She doesn’t want to defend herself while Emre is scot-free and doesn’t receive any flak or get held responsible.

She quits REDW and makes a big decision about her life that breaks Kenan’s heart, as well as her relationship with him.

Asli and Yusuf discuss the sex after Yusuf’s fired by Güliz, who confirms he’s cheated but with whom she has no idea about. She tasks Asli with finding that out and later learns it’s Asli herself, who is now in a relationship with Yusuf.

As Asli and Yusuf get sued to hell and back, Lale and Kenan get back together after a heart-rending confrontation, before Lale wraps up her journalism career but doesn’t stray off too far.

As the Crow Flies season 3 ends with Gül once again becoming a CEO, Müge quitting the stress-full job to live a happier life, and Asli getting help get back on her feet from Lale.

Ending explained:

Lale and Kenan’s endgame

Lale and Kenan fall out after her answer to the negative reactions she has endured for something she didn’t even do turns out to be a “bad” one for the network.

She quits and after looking at her daughter and how her sex tape scandal has affected the life of her little beloved, she can’t suffer any of it anymore.

She decides to leave for Nice but Kenan can’t have that. She has to leave this life and profession that has made her so miserable. Meanwhile, she doesn’t want to keep living to seek Kenan’s approval for everything.

However, the two lovebirds can’t stay apart long and eventually, they have a heart-to-heart in a melodramatic sequence where both bleed their hearts out and decide to stay together.

Kenan is ready to do anything to stay with his love, and sure enough, as the credits roll on the final season of As the Crow Flies, the two are together and happy with each other.

Asli & Yusuf

Yusuf gets his new girlfriend, Güliz, to get Asli as a co-host of The Other Side with him. The two former flames are lit up again and eventually, all that tension leads to sex.

Meanwhile, his relationship with Güliz has been rough and she has been suspecting him of cheating on her. Her suspicions do become true but she’s unaware of the specifics.

She gets fed up with Yusuf fires him, and tasks Asli to find out who he has been sleeping with. Asli and Yusuf finally confess their love to each other and begin a proper relationship, albeit one that’s hidden from all others.

Güliz ultimately finds out the truth and confronts Asli in the middle of the road, shortly before fainting when Asli tells her who Yusuf actually loves.

Güliz gets her father to rally up the lawyers and sue Yusuf and Asli for all they’re worth, and more, as revenge. Asli has to go back to her home, and Yusuf works in a call center, where he still doesn’t believe he should suck up to or bow down to Güliz.

One day, Asli opens the door to Lale, who asks her to come back to the city and fight for herself, like she helped Lale earlier and truly became her partner and an inspirational friend.

Gül and Müge

Gül is that one lion in As the Crow Flies, who keeps fighting and clawing her way to the top, no matter what fate throws at her. In season 3, she accepts the position as COO at REDW.

When she learns Müge is the CEO, she doesn’t throw a fit like Lale and Kenan, who have an understandable reason to do so. She uses her cunning, again, to play all sides and get on top.

She uses Müge’s short-sighted quality and gets her to replace Lale, as she has always dreamt of getting that prime time slot to herself. She does so, while Gül chairs as the CEO.

Müge does great initially, and her ratings dwarf Mon5 again and again, even when Lale joins Asli at The Other Side. However, she can’t handle the pressure and the unhelpful Kenan.

She starts to suffer from stress and crumble under it, as it starts to take a visible toll on her.

Her hair fall becomes catastrophically worse, and in the final episode of As the Crow Flies season 3, she finally quits REDW, realizing none of that is worth it, and chooses a happier life instead.

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