Arata Tsuruki: My Happy Marriage character explained

Arata Tsuruki is one of the latest characters to enter the picture and stir up the pot in My Happy Marriage.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

My Happy Marriage is rife with diabolical characters who have demonstrated a great capacity for evil and apathy so far.

There are also characters who are forces for good but the latest addition to the cast is Arata Tsuruki, a man with suspicious candor and monologue and also a man whose intentions and goals seem dubious at best at the moment.

The foray

Arata Tsuruki first shows up in My Happy Marriage after the Tatsuishi head of the family fails at kidnapping Miyo Saimori and taking her away from the Kudos.

He is shown to be a rather close confidant of the Emperor, who is worried and really upset at the failures of the Tatsuishi family.

All he needs is for Miyo to not go into the Kudo family as he believes it’ll give way to a great imbalance of powers.

Arata assures him that the desired actions will be undertaken and smiles with glee over what his actions are going to mean in connection to Miyo Saimori.

The negotiator

His suspicious and nefarious-seeming actions have taken him to the capital already. He meets Kiyoka as a negotiator working for the Ministry of the Imperial Office. He clarifies later that he’s not a staff member but someone who’s had a relationship with the Imperial family.

Arata Kiyoka My Happy Marriage
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When a situation demands something that the Ministry can’t handle on its own and needs additional hands, Arata steps in as a negotiator.

The problem here that the Ministry of Imperial Office is having difficulties contending with is the unleashing of the Grotesqueries after the sealed-off entities were released by some suspicious men at the Grave.

The Miyo mission

It’s made very clear right off the bat that Arata Tsuruki is very much interested in Miyo Saimori. She has been a subject of desire and greed for power for many, considering her bloodline is that of a Usuba.

Arata Tsuruki, who runs the Tsuruki Trading Company, is also a Usuba. In fact, he’s the son of the head of the Usuba family. He also possesses the abilities that many seek out Usubas like him for.

Arata has repeatedly talked about Miyo and recently, he also talked about the awakening just after Miyo is shown to have nightmares involving the Grotesqueries. Arata also talks about this awakening and that he will be its protector.

Safe to say, that reference he makes is meant for Miyo Saimori, whose nightmares of late also seem to be the work of Arata, who has also already made contact with her.

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