Anything’s Possible (2022) ending explained: Do Kelsa and Khal end up together?

Anything’s Possible is a delightfully modern Gen Z coming-of-age story that follows Kelsa, a confident high school girl who is trans, as she navigates through senior year. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The story begins with Kelsa, a young trans girl who has a youtube channel that is her personal diary. She shares her experiences about being trans and about her transition journey. 

In her art class, she meets Khal, and there is an instant connection. Kelsa’s mom encourages her to write up a college application mentioning her personal experiences and struggles of being a trans person. 

Khal on the other hand likes to spend his time on Reddit. Under a fictitious name, he attempts to motivate people there and help them resolve their problems.

While having food with his family, a discussion emerges where Khal’s parents insinuate they want him to pursue economics as a major when he goes to college. Khal, however, is more interested in the creative fields and does not want to take the traditional 4-year academic route. 

Khal discovers Kelsa’s youtube channel, he feels moved by her honesty and develops a crush on her. Kelsa too seems interested in him. They begin talking more in their art class. She shares with him that she wants to be a nature cinematographer because she is deeply fascinated by animals and how they are unique and named after their uniqueness. 

They both like each other but Kelsa is holding back because of her friend, Em, who likes Khal. Khal too holds back because he is afraid of losing a friend and the reaction of his Muslim parents. After his brother encourages him, he decides to ask her out with flowers.

When his friend pesters him with questions about who the flowers are for, he lies and says they are for Em. Chris, who is close friends with Kelsa and Em, overhears this and tells this to the girls in their group chat. Khal gets worried about the drama caused but finally decides to give the flowers to Kelsa.

Worried about hurting her friend, Kelsa is hesitant about dating Khal, but he gives a whole speech about living their own lives to avoid wondering “What If?’. Kelsa is convinced and they enter the art class holding hands. 

The news of them dating spreads across their school, with people making speculations about Khal’s sexual identity.  

They go out on a date and bond more with each other. She shares with him how in real life she does not like being referred to as a ‘trans girl’. She just wants people to see her as Kelsa. Khal also tells her how instead of taking the traditional 4 year university route, he would like to learn more about designing experiences. 

Em, now ignoring Kelsa, seems to spread rumours about Chris and her breakup. Kelsa overhears this in the women’s restroom and calls out Em. They get into a fight where Em falls by mistake, and her finger is wounded.

After this, at a party, Kelsa and Em get into a heated argument and Em tells Kelsa how it is not easy being her friend or even her boyfriend, and Khal is dating her only to get “Woke points”.

Em, angry at Kelsa, gets into a conversation with Otis. Otis used to be close friends with Khal but they drifted apart because of Otis’ insensitive comments about Khal and Kelsa’s relationship. Otis is also pissed at Kelsa for stealing his friend.

He suggests getting back at Kelsa and devises a plan where they complain to the high school admin about how Em was assaulted in a space meant for ‘women only’. This results in Kelsa being banned from the women’s locker room and bathroom. She is now asked to use the old gender-neutral washroom.

She shares her experience and feelings on her youtube channel. She is hurt because everything in her life is about her gender. Khal sees this and tries to reach out to her but she shuts him out saying she is okay.

He decides to post her video on Reddit and it goes viral. Kelsa’s mom, who did not even know about her channel, sees the video. She is angry and asks Kelsa to delete the channel. Kelsa refuses and they get into a heated argument. 

Kelsa gets a lot of support from fellow students and many of them get together and uproar “We stand with Kelsa”. Kelsa however, is not happy to see all this and breaks up with Khal for posting the video on Reddit. 

Otis drops some transphobic remarks and Khal gets into a fight with him. Khal’s parents get to know about this and he tells them his girlfriend is trans.

Although unaware of many things, they still try to be supportive. Khal is sick of people calling him gay when instead they are unable to understand Kelsa’s identity. 

Finally, Em decides to come clean about how Kelsa didn’t assault her but she broke her finger by accident. She apologises to Kelsa.

Kelsa and her mom resolve their fight and Kelsa also meets with Khal and sorts everything out. Kelsa gets into UCLA with a partial scholarship. Khal’s parents also come around to understanding his passion. He gets into Pittsburgh Technical College.

They graduate high school and spent most of their summer together. As the summer gets over, they discuss the future of their relationship. Khal asks if long-distance could work, but Kelsa says it would be too complicated and will not work.

They say that they love each other but still decide to part ways. In the end, Kelsa is seen thriving in college and continues to share her experiences on her channel. 

Anything’s Possible ending explained in detail:

Why is Kelsa punished by the school?

Kelsa is not allowed in the women’s washroom and locker room because Em made up a story and lied to the high school admin that Kelsa assaulted her in a space meant for ‘women only’ where she brought a ‘male socialised energy’.

This results in Kelsa being banned from the women’s locker room and bathroom. 

Why is Kelsa angry at Khal?

Kelsa is angry at Khal because he posted her video on Reddit without consulting or asking her. She did not want that and feels Khal did it to look morally superior. 

Where do Kelsa and Khal decide to go to college?

Kelsa gets into UCLA and moves to California. Khal decides to stay in Pittsburgh only and gets into Pittsburgh Technical College for a two-year course. 

Why does Kelsa break up with Khal?

Kelsa breaks up because she does not want to be in a long-distance relationship. She believes it is going to be complicated where they will meet rarely and eventually break each other’s hearts.

She wants to do more than just exist and find more about herself and her capabilities and hence decides to break up. 

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