Angelo: Dance Brothers character explained

In Dance Brothers, Angelo is a popular DJ who wins the shares of Sakari and Roni’s club, Laundry, in a bet and aims to change it, much to the brothers’ dismay. Angelo is played by Cristal Snow.

Angelo is a DJ, and Karo works with him; she often appears in his music videos. When Sakari and Karo become acquainted, Sakari and Roni get to meet Angelo, a man who gives Laundry the push it needed but later plans to change the club completely. 

Taking over Laundry

Sakari invites Karo to Laundry’s opening night, and she brings along Angelo and his group. Unfortunately, the opening night does not do well. Additionally, when Angelo asks the brothers to audition for him, Roni insults Angelo’s music.

The brothers are then forced to meet Angelo later and apologize to him, as they need his help to make their club popular. They ask him to play at the club. They are ready to organize everything and give the ticket sales to Angelo.

To further convince him, Roni points out that playing at a new venue and doing something different is what Angelo needs to show people that he is still relevant and can attract a crowd without big productions. 

Angelo takes the bait and performs at Laundry, and Laundry gets the much-needed publicity. However, when Angelo wishes to perform there again, he does not get a positive response from the brothers.

Dance Brothers Angelo
Angelo performs at Laundry

Due to this, when Roni comes to him to borrow money for the club’s audio system, Angelo refuses. In fact, he goads Roni into betting with him. Even when Roni says that the dance battle between the brothers is meant for them to enjoy dance, Angelo stresses that Sakari will win.

Angelo thinks that Sakari is a showman, and in the battle between showmen and artists, it is the showmen who win. Due to this, Roni bets with him, as he is confident that he can win this dance battle. Angelo then pays for their audio system.

Angelo turns out to be right, as Sakari wins. It is then revealed that since Roni lost the bet, the brothers now need to pay Angelo double of what he paid for their audio system. Additionally, Angelo gets 35% of the club’s shares, much to Sakari’s chagrin.

If that was not enough, Angelo steals Laundry’s concept and opens a club called Kiddo. He also poaches Laundry’s DJ. The brothers lose their customers to Angelo, and the business suffers once again.

When a fire damages Laundry, Angelo pays for the damage caused by the fire because he owns 35% of Laundry. He even has plans to change Laundry, and these plans make Sakari upset.

However, Aida Bosch-Azizi later assures Sakari that the Bosches have the right of redemption on any shares that the brothers might divest, so Roni cannot give his shares to Angelo without their permission. Eventually, the brothers decide to fight Angelo and save Laundry.

Angelo and Karo’s relationship

Angelo and Karo are not just employees; they are like friends, and the two of them value each other. One day, when Angelo wants to be distracted, Karo sings to him a song that her grandmother used to sing.

Dance Brothers Angelo
Karo sings her grandmother’s song

Angelo records the song and turns it into a song called “Lullaby” without asking for Karo’s permission. He then asks Karo to choreograph the music video and star in it. 

Karo is initially hesitant about releasing the song, as she does not know if it is even her grandmother’s song or a traditional song. However, when Angelo insists, Karo agrees to choreograph the music video as long as he gives everyone their due credit. 

Soon after, Sakari comes to Angelo’s club and humiliates Karo in front of Angelo. When Karo cries after that, Angelo comforts her. He makes her feel better but tries to kiss her, and Karo pushes him away, as she thinks of him as her second father.

This hurts Angelo’s pride. During the shoot of the song’s music video, the costumes and Karo’s choreography are changed to make the music video sexual, and Karo is replaced with another dancer. When Karo objects, Angelo slut-shames her in front of everyone.

Angelo then goes to Karo’s house to apologize to her and asks her to attend the launch party of “Lullaby”. Karo agrees but asks him to let her and another DJ, Doris, be the opening act. She then gives Doris an old video of her grandmother singing the song.

At the party, Karo plays Doris’s version of the song as well as the video of her grandmother singing it before the launch of Angelo’s version. She then dances to that song. By the time Angelo stops her performance, it is already too late.

Angelo faces backlash for stealing Karo’s grandmother’s song, and due to that, his contract gets dissolved. He comes to Karo’s house to confront her, but she pays him no mind, as she has done nothing wrong but take back what was hers in the first place.

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