Baek Mi-Hee: Doctor Cha character explained

Baek Mi-Hee is one of the supporting characters in Doctor Cha and serves as a major support system for the lead character Cha Jeong-Suk.

Jeong-Suk has had fewer people on her side in a world that’s confined to her house and the chores and housewife lifestyle that it comes with.

In her twenty years since marriage, only her mother and best friend, Baek Mi-Hee have proved to be true comrades who Jeong-Suk can always lean on to vent, share, and talk it out with.

Tough luck on the men

Baek Mi-Hee is a dermatologist and quite good at what she does. She’s somewhere around Jeong-Suk’s age but doesn’t have a relationship.

When she teases Jeong-Suk for not having an active sex life, her friend points to the fact that she’s single and hasn’t had any action either.

Later on in one of the episodes, the two besties go to a seer who gives it straight to Mi-Hee, telling her that her luck when it comes to me is rather tough.

Baek Mi-Hee Doctor Cha
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When Roy Kim catches her eye, she asks Jeong-Suk to set her up with him. However, Roy Kim is head over heels in love with Jeong-Suk, and Mi-Hee soon picks up on the hots he has for her best friend, while Jeong-Suk remains clueless as ever.

Even signing up for the marathon runs can’t bring Baek Mi-Hee closer to Roy Kim, who is only running toward Jeong-Suk. As things stand now, Mi-Hee has no man in her life and in terms of a relationship, she’s going through a rough spell.

A great friend

Baek Mi-Hee’s one of the best quality portrayed thus far is being a solid friend. She has always been there for Jeong-Suk and continues to be her best friend and one of her closest confidantes.

Whenever Jeong-Suk is in a pickle or going through some troubles at home, Mi-Hee lends an ear and cheers her up, while also giving her advice that Jeong-Suk deems out there and ridiculous but in actuality very sound.

Jeong-Suk is often seen hanging out with Mi-Hee, as her mother can’t provide her with the more chilled-out and casual company that Mi-Hee provides, and they often crack jokes and relieve stress while drinking or eating out.

Mi-Hee is shown to really care about Jeong-Suk, always advising her to be her own person and even pay heed to men outside her marriage, since In-Ho has been nothing but a cold, distant stranger to her all this time.

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