Ángela: Alpha Males season 2 character explained

In Alpha Males season 2, Ángela is Pedro’s new boss, who gives him a second chance after being canceled. Cayetana Guillén Cuervo plays Ángela.

Ángela is the CEO of Anestesia Films. Pedro restarts his career by joining her company after being canceled for his course on virility.

Though there was doubt that anyone would hire Pedro, Ángela let him in. She doesn’t care about his past.

Anestesia Films primarily comprises women employees. The female writers Pedro works with don’t like him and criticize him a lot.

However, Ángela wants to make feminist content but not propaganda. Hence, she requires Pedro in her company.

Ángela is also a mother to a son named Oliver. She had him on her own. She claims she couldn’t find anyone good enough for her.

Ángela’s advances

Over time, Ángela becomes too comfortable around Pedro. She acts flirtatiously with him.

At first, her keeping her hand on Pedro’s lap, asking him to give her a massage, or making him try a shirt in front of her may not have made Pedro uncomfortable, but now things are different.

Ángela: Alpha Males season 2 character explained 1
Angela makes Pedro uncomfortable

Pedro, who has changed since the course on the deconstruction of masculinity, wonders if this counts as sexual harassment.

Pedro discusses Ángela’s behavior with his friends. While Santi suggests that he report her, Raúl says he should take advantage of this situation to advance his career or ask for a raise.

Ángela’s fate

Pedro eventually reconciles with Daniela, and he does report Ángela. However, moments after reporting her, she asks for his time and apologizes for her behavior.

Pedro instantly regrets reporting her. Unfortunately, the report has been sent, and Pedro can’t do anything about it.

When Ángela is accused of sexual harassment, she walks out of the company, and it’s Pedro who ends up becoming the boss.

Daniela plans a surprise birthday party for Pedro and asks his female colleagues for Ángela’s number. Daniela doesn’t know about Ángela and Pedro.

Pedro’s female colleagues don’t want anything but to see Pedro in trouble. Hence, they give Daniela Ángela’s number.

At Pedro’s birthday party, Pedro tries to make amends with Ángela and requests her not to tell anything to Daniela.

Ángela gifts Pedro a pepper spray as revenge and leaves. Meanwhile, Daniela finds out about the two of them from Roberto, another one of Pedro’s colleagues.

Everyone watches Daniela and Pedro fight in another room through a camera installed at Pedro’s house.

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