An Eun-suk: Mask Girl character explained

In Mask Girl, when Mo-mi goes to prison, she meets An Eun-suk, a prisoner who rules the place more or less and takes an instant dislike to Mo-mi. Lee Soo-mi plays An Eun-suk.

In prison, Mo-mi realizes that not every prisoner is treated the same. For some, such as An Eun-suk, a prison sentence is not a punishment. An Eun-suk is the uncrowned queen there and even has authority over the warden.

Everyone is scared of her because she has connections to politicians and conglomerate owners. People who win her favor can get released early or end up at the top of the prison hierarchy. An Eun-suk does whatever she wants and enjoys all the luxuries of life as if the prison is her home.

The truce

An Eun-suk is in prison for aiding and abetting murder. She got her husband and the woman he had an affair with brutally killed. When she meets Mo-mi for the first time, she hits her because she thinks Mo-mi resembles the woman her husband was seeing.

She asks Mo-mi to stay away from her, but Mo-mi, who has been through a lot already, refuses to let anyone tell her what to do. Mo-mi breaks Eun-suk’s rule of letting women who are in prison for adultery starve for three days by feeding one of them.

Due to this, Eun-suk sends her gang to teach Mo-mi a lesson, but Mo-mi gives them a tough fight. Eun-suk gets an injured Mo-mi sent to solitary confinement. When Mo-mi is released, her cellmate warns her to keep her head down and survive.

However, Mo-mi has other plans. Mo-mi goes after the woman who attacked her first and fights her again. She keeps getting sent to solitary confinement, but every time she gets out, she goes after the woman until that woman starts fearing her.

The prison warden cannot keep Mo-mi in solitary confinement forever, so Eun-suk is forced to call a truce for the sake of the woman she had taken under her wing. Eun-suk does not bother Mo-mi again.

The deceit

Years later, when an overly religious warden takes command of the prison, Mo-mi claims that she has found God and has turned religious. This is also the time when Eun-suk is going through a hard time because her daughter is sick and needs a kidney transplant.

The prison inmates have never seen Eun-suk cry, but Eun-suk cries for her daughter. Mo-mi offers to donate her kidney to Eun-suk’s daughter and wins her favor. Although Mo-mi is ready to risk her life for Eun-suk’s daughter, Eun-suk does not return the favor.

Mask Girl An Eun-suk
Mo-mi offers to donate her kidney to Eun-suk’s daughter

When Mi-mo is in danger, Eun-suk assures Mo-mi that her people outside are looking for Kyung-ja and that Mi-mo is safe, but none of that is true. She is lying to keep Mo-mi happy because she needs Mo-mi to donate her kidney to her daughter.

Mo-mi asks Eun-suk for a photograph of Mi-mo, and Eun-suk gives her a photograph of a girl who looks like Mi-mo, thinking that Mo-mi will not know the difference since she has not seen her daughter in years. However, Mo-mi instantly figures out what Eun-suk is doing.

On the day of the surgery, Eun-suk sends one of her men with Mo-mi and the prison guards to keep an eye on Mo-mi. She thinks that she is deceiving Mo-mi when it is Mo-mi who is deceiving her.

Instead of going ahead with the surgery, Mo-mi takes the opportunity to escape, much to Eun-suk and the warden’s frustration. While Mo-mi saves her daughter’s life, Eun-suk’s daughter is left without a kidney once again.

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