Kim Mi-mo: Mask Girl character explained

In Mask Girl, Kim Mi-mo is Mo-mi’s daughter who struggles with the knowledge that she is the daughter of a serial killer. Shin Ye-Seo plays the role of Kim Mi-mo. 

When Mo-mi finds out that she is pregnant with Ju Oh-nam’s child, she decides to keep the baby and raise it the way she was never raised. She gives birth to a girl and names her Mi-mo. Mo-mi then plans to leave the country with her baby.

To do that, she needs to make arrangements, as she is a wanted criminal. Mo-mi leaves her baby with her reluctant mother, who has no choice but to take care of her. She was only supposed to look after the baby for a while, but she ends up raising her because Mo-mi gets arrested and sentenced to prison.

A murderer’s daughter

Mi-mo’s stern grandmother, who did not want anything to do with her estranged daughter, raises Mi-mo, but she does not give Mi-mo love. She tells Mi-mo that she is a lot like her mother but never tells her anything about her mother.

This makes it easy for Kyung-ja, who wants to get her revenge on Mo-mi, to win Mi-mo’s trust. All Kyung-ja has to do is give Mi-mo the affection that she needs and craves. Mi-mo starts valuing Kyung-ja and considers her family.

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Mask Girl Kim Mi-mo
Kyung-ja comforts Mi-mo

Kyung-ja manages to further isolate Mi-mo by telling everyone at school that she is Mask Girl’s daughter. This leads to Mi-mo losing all her friends. When she tells Kyung-ja about this, Kyung-ja teaches her to be violent.

Due to Mi-mo’s violent behavior, her grandmother has to send her to a different school and move somewhere else with her. No matter where Mi-mo goes, people always end up finding out about her mother, thanks to Kyung-ja. 

Mi-mo becomes a troubled child. Her violent behavior continues, and she even harms herself. Mi-mo always ends up becoming a murderer’s daughter, who has no one except Kyung-ja.

Trusting the wrong person

Mi-mo finally makes a friend in middle school when she moves to a new school. Ye-chun’s relentless efforts to befriend Mi-mo bear fruit and the two girls end up becoming more than just friends. Mi-mo feels happy for the first time.

The two girls even plan to run away together, but they do not have enough money to run away from home, so Mi-mo tries to steal a woman’s laptop. She gets caught and is taken to the police station, where her furious grandmother slaps her. This leads to Mi-mo running away from home.

Furthermore, everyone at this school finds out about Mi-mo being the Mask Girl’s daughter, a secret that she had only told Ye-chun. As Mi-mo thinks that Ye-chun betrayed her, she beats Ye-chun up and goes to live with Kyung-ja.

Mi-mo has no plans to return to her grandmother’s house. She loves Kyung-ja and cares about her, not knowing that Kyung-ja is manipulating her and is going to kill her. Mi-mo’s love does not deter Kyung-ja, who ties Mi-mo up in her basement and tries to murder her.

Mask Girl Kim Mi-mo
Kyung-ja tries to kill Mi-mo

She tells Mi-mo that Mo-mi killed her son, and now Mi-mo must die because Kyung-ja wants Mo-mi to know what it feels like to lose one’s child. She even plans to record Mi-mo’s painful death for that.

However, Mi-mo’s grandmother and Ye-chun come to rescue her in time. The grandmother who never showed Mi-mo love ends up sacrificing her life for Mi-mo and apologizes to her before dying. Mi-mo also finds out that Ye-chun never betrayed her.

Furthermore, Mo-mi, who never contacted Mi-mo, goes to extreme lengths to protect her. She then dies in Mi-mo’s arms after taking a bullet for her. These events change Mi-mo, who realizes that her mother and grandmother loved her.

She no longer feels hatred towards other people, and the masked murderer Mi-mo often saw in her dreams no longer makes an appearance in her dreams. Mi-mo goes back to school, and Ye-chun’s parents become her temporary guardians.

She also gets to know more about her mother when she finds old videos of Mo-mi’s childhood. Knowing how her mother died, Mi-mo starts crying when she hears that her mother wanted nothing more than to be loved by everyone.

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