Nimona review: Absolutely hilarious and heart-warming

Nimona follows the story of the titular shapeshifter, who teams up with a knight upon learning that he is hated by everyone just like her. The movie will be streaming on June 30 on Netflix.


A thousand years ago, a hero named Gloreth saved her kingdom from the wrath of a monster that resides in the woods. Gloreth vowed that her people will never suffer again. To ensure the protection of her kingdom, Gloreth formed and trained an elite force of knights.

These knights and their descendants will protect the kingdom for generations to come. However, 1000 years later, for the very first time, the queen breaks the tradition by giving a street kid named Ballister a chance to become a knight.

Though Ballister doesn’t come from a noble family, the queen thinks he has the heart of a warrior. Things go sideways when Ballister is framed for killing the queen.

Everyone turns on him, and Ballister is left all alone. He soon finds help in the form of Nimona, a shape-shifting creature who joins him because she is hated by everyone, just like him.

While Ballister aims to clear his name, Nimona wants to be his sidekick just because he is in the situation she has been in her whole life.


Ballister and Nimona are brilliantly written characters with completely opposite traits. Nimona is rebellious and loud, while Ballister is a sincere warrior.

What makes this duo work is how much they embrace their characteristics on screen. Together, they bring out some of the best moments in the film.

The character development is also on point. Watching Ballister learn about Nimona and finally make use of her powers is a golden moment

Nimona, on the other hand, has a heart and a dark story too, no matter how much she portrays herself as happy and a person who just wants to cause destruction. Furthermore, she receives some of the best dialogue work, which makes the viewers cheer for her.

The film is also packed with smooth animation and action. The soundtrack that backs the film comes with metal and rock sounds that Nimona embraces. The music lifts the action sequences, and a viewer will start headbanging while Nimona and Ballister take care of the villains.

The world of Nimona is presented in the simplest way possible. A viewer will easily understand this world which is a blend of the medieval and modern world.

Most importantly, Nimona gets its message right. The topics of loneliness, rejection, and depression are presented in the most beautiful manner, especially in the titular character’s part.


Nimona runs on a formulaic plot where a viewer can guess who really is the villain and what moves a character is going to make.

Also, for a movie titled Nimona, Ballister ends up taking more screen time than Nimona herself. It’s only at the end that she gets to show her true self.


Nimona is a light-hearted, fun, and hilarious adventure that also manages to deliver its core message of what being rejected by society feels like. The character work and writing make sure that the film is entertaining, even though it has a formulaic plot.

Nimona review: Absolutely hilarious and heart-warming 1

Director: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane

Date Created: 2023-06-26 13:53

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