AlRawabi School for Girls ending explained: Does Mariam get her revenge?

AlRawabi School for Girls is a limited mini series released on Netflix, set in a all female school in Jordan. It follows the life of 6 girls as they deal with bullying, friendship, and gender disparities in the middle east.

It is originally in Arabic and has been created by Tima Shomali and Shirin Kamal. The series is an emotional rollercoaster and keeps viewers engaged while it questions the idea of a right or wrong action.

AlRawabi School for Girls opens with Mariam (Andria Tayeh) being beaten up while she narrates how things have gone bad at school for her, and she does not have any friends. It then moves forward to introduce the main characters surrounding the incident and shows how Layan (Noor Taher), Ruqayya (Salsabiela A), and Rania (Joanna Arida) bully Mariam at school and when she retaliates by complaining about Layan’s sneaking off from school bus, they beat her up and leave her.

The new admission Noaf (Rakeen Sa’ad) witnesses the entire incident but remains silent when Layan frames Mariam for assaulting her and Mariam gets suspended from school.

After serving a 2 week long suspension, Mariam goes back to school where she faces more bullying from Layan and her friends and that is when she decides to take revenge. Mariam confronts Noaf on keeping silent when she was being blamed and Noaf reveals that even though she wanted to but she couldn’t speak up due to fear of expulsion.

However, a bond develops between Noaf and Mariam after Layan and her friends play a dangerous prank on Noaf’s younger sister. The duo then comes together to plan their revenge.

At the School, there is a one day charity event where people from outside are allowed to come and so Layan and Rania invite the boys they are dating and take off with them, and Ruqayya is left alone.

Taking advantage of this, Mariam, Noaf and Dina (Yara Mustafa) who is Mariam’s best friend, contact her through Facebook and trick her into sending objectionable pictures of herself which they later put on the social media site for the entire school to see.

The next day, the girls find out that Ruqayya was made to drop out by her family after the incident at the charity event. Noaf and Dina realise that revenge has gone too far and they have ruined Ruqayya’s life and begin to develop guilt over the entire incident.

In the meantime, Layan finds Mariam’s personal diary and prints out all the pages and distributes it among class and everyone starts making fun of her. Mariam decides to leave school as her reputation is destroyed. Dina and Noaf enraged with the incident, convince Mariam to not give up and to finish her revenge so that they can protect themselves and other girls from Layan and Rania’s terror too.

The school goes for a trip to a resort where Mariam decides to put her final plan in action. She finds out that Layan and Rania plan to sneak out in the night to go clubbing. Layan, Rania and Noaf share a room and later Layan helps Noaf in a difficult situation.

Noaf realises that Layan is not a bad person and implores Mariam to drop her plan. Mariam refuses to listen and decides to go at it alone without Noaf and Dina’s help. Layan invites Noaf to go clubbing with them and she agrees. The teachers find Rania at the club but she saves Layan and Noaf.

Noaf is very upset with Mariam and Dina and she stops talking to them. Noaf and Dina then become friends with Rania and they warn her about Layan being in danger of getting caught for bunking school as Mariam is going to inform the teachers.

Does Mariam get her revenge? What happens to Noaf when the principal finds her role in this? Does Ruqayya ever get to go to school again?

Here is the AlRawabi School for Girls ending explained in detail:

Threat to the school

When Layan’s teacher (Miss Abeer) finds out that she is missing from class again, she suspects that she has again bunked school and thus she decides to inform her family of the same.

However, Ms Faten who is the principal, refuses to inform Layan’s family because her father is a powerful and rich man and he may harm the school if he gets to know. Miss Abeer feels that because of Layan’s family, Miss Faten lets her get away with everything and thus decides to take matters into her own hand.

She finds Layan’s father’s number from the directory and informs him. When he finds out, he gets enraged and promises Miss Faten that not only will he shut down the school, but he will also ruin her reputation and career. Miss Faten gets flustered with anger and embarrassment as she stands seemingly scared of what the future holds for her school.

Layan’s Death

Layan’s family gets mad at the school and then her brother Hazem receives information about her location. He goes there with his gun and blood on his mind.

In the last scene in the mini series, we see Hazem pointing a gun towards Layan while she begs her brother to not take that step and to think of how it will break up their family.

Tears form in Hazem’s eyes as his hands begin to shiver and it looks like he may lower his gun and then the scene cuts towards outside and all we hear is a gunshot.

While the viewers are never shown Layan’s body, the next scene shows a previous scene from the episode where Layan is singing and enjoying in her boyfriend’s car.

It is also revealed that her boyfriend was the son of her school principal’s son.

Friendship between Rania, Dina, and Noaf

Towards the middle of the episode, Rania finds out that it was Dina and Noaf because of whom Ruqayya had to leave school and she gets angry and determined to teach them a lesson.

However, Dina and Noaf apologise for all that they have done and promise to help save Layan from Mariam’s plan. Rania agrees and stands down.

While they work around trying to get Mariam to drop her plan, a camaraderie develops amongst them. In the end scene, we see Dina and Noaf consoling Rania after Layan’s death as they look upon a changed Mariam.

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