Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild ending explained: Does Aiden become a hunter?

‘Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild’ is an action anime film based on Capcom’s video-game franchise ‘Monster Hunter’. It follows Aiden, an aspiring hunter, in his quest to save his village from an Elder Dragon.

In a world where humans and monsters both exist, Aiden has aspired to be a monster hunter ever since one arrived in his village, Timben, years ago. He has taken it upon himself to protect his village against smaller monsters.

One such ‘hunt’ leads him to get attacked by a Velocidrome, only surviving due to the intervention of ace hunter Julius, who warns him and his village of an approaching Elder Dragon.

When an Elder Dragon migrates, it ravages everything in its path. Timben falls in the middle of its course. The villagers don’t believe Julius, but Aiden suggests that if he can see the dragon for himself, he’ll confirm its existence. The villagers agree to believe if Aiden says it’s true.

Julius and Aiden travel the valley and Aiden sees the imminent threat with his own eyes, but says that there’s no way the villagers can escape in time. He suggests they fight the Elder Dragon to deviate its path. After initial hesitation, Julius agrees.

During their preparations to fight it, Aiden and Julius recruit other ace hunters Mae and Nadia, a Melynx named Nox, and a blacksmith, Ravi, who was formerly a hunter but exiled after he used the title for his personal gain.

As the Elder Dragon approaches, will the team survive? Can the dragon be stopped and the village be saved? 

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild ending explained in detail:

Enter the dragon

As the fight begins, Nadia uses her blowgun to attack the Elder Dragon, confirmed to be a ‘Lunastra’, with the aim of distracting it and getting its attention.

However, it doesn’t take the bait and returns towards the hunters. Nox activates a trap to hurl giant rocks at the dragon, but it’s still undaunted. Julius says that it will not leave the valley unless forced to.

The dragon begins to fly and Julius fears it will burn the village from the sky. But Nadia quickly shoots down one of its wings to ensure it cannot take flight.

As Julius and Ravi engage the dragon, Aiden unveils the Dragonator, a weapon they procured to take the Lunastra down. But the dragon damages it.

Mae and Aiden fix the Dragonator. Julius is knocked down by the dragon and Ravi steps in to buy time. He instructs the others to use the Dragonator while he fends it off. But the dragon uses its fire breath to burn him.

Ravi’s sacrifice allows the Dragonator to get a direct hit, knocking the Lunastra out.

Lunastra’s counterattack

Aiden, Julius, Mae and Nadia believe the dragon to be down. But it gets back up, shocking them. Julius instructs them to give it all they have and prevent the dragon from reaching the village, but Aiden has a different idea.

He takes the explosives and runs off. Julius and May fight the dragon while Mae rushes to protect the villagers.

Mae evacuates the villagers and faces the dragon head-on, leading to her demise as the dragon consumes her, but not before she passes her journal on to one of the villagers.

The Lunastra continues its onslaught and just when it looks all doom and gloom, Aiden blows up the nearby dam, allowing the water to sweep everything.

The Elder Dragon is also swept away by the waves; the village and its people are saved.

Aftermath of the battle

Tributes are paid to Ravi and Mae for their sacrifice. Nadia tells Julius that nobody is to blame since they joined the hopeless battle out of their free will and their choice shouldn’t be disrespected.

The villager gives Aiden Mae’s journal. Nadia says that Timben will definitely be safe with him to protect it. Julius and Nadia head back to the guild to tell them what all happened.

Aiden goes after them and says that he wants to join the guild as well and become a full-fledged hunter. Julius approves and the three begin their journey.

Back in the present day, Aiden completes narrating the story to other hunters, who don’t believe him. One of them asks if the story is true, and he gives her Mae’s journal to read the last entry.

Mae had thanked her parents for teaching her well. She knew that this mission could be her last, but she wasn’t afraid since she had a team of intelligent, caring, courageous and they brightened her world.

The film ends with Mae expressing her hope for the future of the world.

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