Private Lesson ending explained: Does Hande end up with Utku?

‘Private Lesson’ is a Turkish comedy that follows Azra, a young woman who makes a living by posing as a tutor for college students. However, in reality, she helps them achieve their life goals by guiding them in areas no parent would even consider. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

‘Private Lesson’ introduces the audience to Azra, an independent young woman, who helps college students to pursue their dreams by posing as a tutor in front of their parents.

We then meet Hande, a goofy student at Dünya University. She is madly in love with a popular boy named Utku but is a nobody herself. After embarrassing herself in front of her crush, she hides in the toilet and overhears a conversation between Azra and a couple of her students.

Desperate to become the best version of herself and win over Utku, Hande chases after Azra and pesters her for help. She refuses initially but changes her mind when Hande reveals that she is the new college chancellor’s niece.

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Azra invites the girl to visit her place the next day, but her woes aren’t over. She reaches her apartment building, only to find her door blocked by a huge cabinet that belongs to a new tenant, Burak.

There is a mildly heated yet flirty exchange between the two, and Azra shows some liking toward her new neighbor. The next day, Hande shows up on time, and Azra begins to school her on attracting guys.

Azra takes Hande shopping for a party that Utku is hosting and gets her new clothes and makeup. Later, they meet Hande’s aunt to make this tutoring arrangement official. Her chancellor aunt berates Hande for wanting to be a comedian and encourages Azra to train that out of her.

The duo then enters the party, where Hande finally opens up, gets drunk, and dances her heart out. Azra takes her back to her place but is unable to drag her into the apartment due to the cabinet still being there.

Burak shows up, apologizes again, and invites them over to his place. They bond over coffee, but trouble comes calling in the form of Hande’s aunt. The drunk girl had texted her the location without realizing it would blow their covert private lessons operation.

As Azra panics, Burak saves the day by posing as a sleeping Hande. Days go by, and Hande finally starts seeing Utku. Meanwhile, Azra and Burak fall for each other.

Private Lesson ending explained in detail:

Where does Utku take Hande?

As Azra and Burak spend more time at the former’s apartment, Hande shows up asking for a favor. She tells her aunt that she’ll be spending the night with her teacher but intends to go out with Utku at night.

After initially agreeing to cover for her, Azra is uncomfortable with leaving Hande alone with Utku and his friends at night. Burak offers to help by tailing them on his bike.

They follow them into the college swimming pool, where Utku pays off the guard. Hande’s aunt calls Azra, and she rushes to find her student. She is uncomfortable with the idea of an illegal pool party and is relieved when Azra walks in on them.

After rescuing Hande, there is a not-so-friendly exchange between Utku and Burak, but it doesn’t escalate. Azra warns Hande against Utku and suggests he might not be a nice guy, but Hande is too smitten by him to pay attention to these warnings.

What happens between Azra and Burak?

The next day, Burak asks Azra out for dinner, and she agrees. However, before that, she needs to help one of her other students, Bahar, convince her parents for a trip.

Unfortunately, things come crashing down when Bahar is revealed to be Burak’s sister. Azra poses as a teacher and visits their place for lunch, but Burak recognizes her and drives her out.

She tries to make him understand that she lies to the parents only to help the kids with their life goals, but all her words fall on deaf ears. She goes back home, and Burak follows her. They argue some more and go into their respective apartments enraged.

This is when an old lady from the first floor comes to Burak’s place and clears the misunderstanding. She explains that she knows everything about the people in this building since the walls are so thin, and she likes to listen.

The lady mentions that Azra’s intentions are always to assist her students in areas other than academics so they can develop overall and chase their dreams. This is because their own families don’t take those things seriously.

Burak finds out that Bahar is a dancer, and Azra helped her in becoming one. The trip that they lied about was for a dance competition that his sister wanted to participate in.

Feeling stupid about his actions, Burak decides to apologize to Azra, but a catastrophic problem shows up.

How does Azra save Duygu and Hande?

Before Burak can come and apologize, Azra gets a call from Duygu, one of her other students. She goes to see her finds out that she sent nudes to a boy she met on the internet, and he’s been blackmailing her for money since then.

They return to Azra’s place, and she calls her hacker friend and student Cansu to help. After setting up her computer, Cansu discovers that the blackmailer is none other than Utku.

The hacker also manages to break into his house’s security feed and senses more problems as Utku and Hande enter the house. Realizing that he intends to film their intimate moments, Azra calls Hande, but she ignores her.

Azra asks Duygu and Cansu to keep an eye on Hande and goes to save her. However, when she steps out, she notices a string attached to her door, leading her up to the roof. The path is also lit with candles.

It is Burak’s earnest attempt at an apology which Azra loves, but she tells him that she needs to leave urgently. They both rush to Utku’s house, and fortunately, Hande discovers the hidden cameras.

She hides in the bathroom as Utku threatens her. Azra arrives, and Utku acts tough before Burak knocks his lights out with a punch. They call the police, have Utku arrested, save Hande, and delete Duygu’s explicit pictures.

In the end, we see Hande as a professional stand-up comedian, finally realizing her potential. Her aunt visits her after a show and congratulates her for sticking with her passion.

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