The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 2 summary and ending explained

Part 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 covers Lisa Trammel’s trial and Mickey’s attempts to prove that she is innocent in front of the jury. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Izzy finds Mickey lying in the parking garage bloody and bruised and she calls the ambulance. Mickey spends the next couple of weeks recovering in the hospital with a general sense of who ordered the hit.

Izzy blames herself for losing the contract with Lisa because she was the only one with the keys to his car. She is certain that Ray must have stolen it and that Henry Dahl probably paid her to do it.

Lorna figures out a way to bring Alex Grant out into the open while Cisco looks for information to prove that Henry was responsible for the missing contract. He finds out that an employee of Grant is also Henry’s biggest producer and the dots are easily connected.

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Lorna and Izzy successfully hand Alex a subpoena and during a motion to quash it, Mickey successfully defends his reasoning for Grant to be a witness at Lisa’s trial.

Maggie and Haley stay with Mickey at his place until he recovers but just as things are going well between Maggie and Mickey, she says that has to move to San Diego for a better job offer in the DA’s office there.

The trial approaches and Mickey’s main goal is to portray Alex as a legitimate alternate suspect and raise reasonable doubt over Lisa’s arrest.

Mickey and Andy go blow for blow in the early days of the trial with each of them pulling out their best tricks. When a letter shows up at Mickey’s doorstep implicating Alex Grant in an FBI investigation, he uses it to his advantage.

Things continue to go back and forth between the two sides in court and when the murder weapon shows up, Lisa’s fate looks all but certain. Mickey does his best to prove that a weapon belonging to her could have easily been planted by someone else.

Andy uses Henry Dahl’s interviews with Lisa to paint her in a bad light, so Mickey has no choice but to question Lisa on the stand and let the jury see her for who she truly is.

Her cross-examination goes seemingly well until Andy broaches the subject of Lisa’s ex-husband Jeff. Jeff had shown up at Mickey’s office earlier to offer to testify but he was in it for the money and Mickey sent him away.

Izzy faces some trouble while trying to finalize the dance studio that she wants to rent and Lorna helps her out with it. Haley plans a surprise birthday party for Mickey and invites his mother to it.

The day of Alex Grant’s testimony arrives and Mickey is successful in strongly suggesting that Grant is involved in mob activity and has a connection to Bondurant’s murder after Grant pleads the fifth.

Andy pushes for closing remarks earlier than Mickey expected and she ends the day with some strong statements.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 2 ending explained in detail:

What is the verdict of the trial?

The night before Mickey’s closing remarks, one of Lisa’s employees delivers some food to their office and notices a picture of Walter Kim, one of the witnesses. He mentions that Walter visited the restaurant the day before Lisa’s arrest claiming to be a food inspector.

Mickey sends Cisco to check up on Walter Kim as an alternative to reopen the case if Lisa is convicted. Mickey delivers his statements to the jury and they return with a verdict in a short span of time.

Cisco follows the cops who are on Walter Kim’s trail after his wife reports him missing. Lisa is acquitted and she invites Mickey for a celebration at her restaurant.

Instead, Lisa goes to Mickey’s place and spends the night with him after he asks her to fire him. Andy visits him the next day at his office to mention that Walter Kim is turning out to be a key suspect, even though he’s also presumed dead.

Do Lorna and Cisco get married?

Lorna orders Mickey’s birthday cake from the place where they had a credit for their wedding cake and Cisco wonders if their wedding is being pushed back definitively.

She feels that they are cursed because every time they plan it, something goes wrong. Cisco admits that he wants a big traditional wedding so she hopes he can get his wish.

The venue they had booked calls up to say that someone else got it, and Lorna believes everything is lost. She is in for a surprise, however, when Cisco takes her to Izzy’s studio where a whole party is waiting for her with their closest friends and colleagues.

What is Lisa’s secret?

While he is out with Haley, Mickey comes across a spot on the beach where the noises remind him of something he heard before. He realizes that they were the same noises he heard while on call with Jeff Trammel.

He digs into Jeff a little more and tells Cisco to find more as well. He confronts Lisa the next day, asking her why she gets riled up whenever someone mentions Jeff.

He probes a little bit more before concluding that she killed him and buried him right in her garden, which is why she was so adamant on keeping the place.

Lorna calls Detectice Griggs and tells him that they probably will find a body on her property just as Mickey leaves.

What happens after the trial?

Mickey has dinner with Legal Siegel who tells him that he’s made a dangerous enemy in Alex Grant so he must be careful. He also tells him not to devote too much of his time to work or he’ll end up alone.

Mickey begins worrying about the threat of Alex and calls Izzy to check on her. She tells him that he’s got a new client who is in jail for murder. When Mickey goes to meet him, he says that he was referred by his friend Giselle, who he was accused of murdering.

When Mickey goes to see Giselle’s body, it turns out to be Gloria Dayton, or ‘Glory Days’.

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