Abdullah’s back story in Shantaram explained

Abdullah Taheri spent enough time with Lin to understand the kind of man he is. In return, he told Lin about his life before he met Khader Khan. The fourth episode of Shantaram is now streaming on Apple TV+.

On their way back from Ruby’s, Rafiq and his men, on behalf of Walid Shah, ambushed Abdullah as they saw him alone while Lin was away.

Rafiq wasted no time in bringing out a knife to finish Abdullah once and for all, only for Lin to make it in time and save Abdullah.

Lin and Abdullah fought their way out, and the latter wanted to kill Rafiq, but Lin stopped him from doing so, stating that none of them needs to die.

Abdullah tells Lin about his past

Abdullah calmed down and sat alongside Lin to have a conversation over ice cream. He claimed that Lin should’ve let him kill Rafiq to avoid trouble down the road.

Long before Abdullah came to Bombay, killing was all he knew in Iran. He didn’t have a goal or anything. The people pointed him towards something, and he just followed their directions.

A life like that saw him losing his two brothers, and he hates being the only brother now. He has moved on from that life and now has a purpose in working with Khader Khan. He knows what he is fighting for.

Abdullah's back story in Shantaram explained 1
Abdullah tells Lin about his life in Iran

According to him, he is one of those who waits for the future. Khader Khan, on the other hand, dreams, plans, and makes that future.

Abdullah also confessed that he wasn’t sure about Lin, a gora who wants to be a doctor, but after watching him save his life, he has a change of opinion.

He believes Khader Khan must’ve seen something in them and perhaps they are meant to be brothers, though Lin doesn’t want to be involved in all of this.

Abdullah says the destiny of people like them has already been written.

He later details the incident to Khader Khan and calls Lin a man of honor. For now, Khader Khan doesn’t want to be the one waging war on Walid Shah.

In the case of Lin, he pays for all the medicinal supplies Lin needed, in exchange for saving Abdullah’s life, and sends Abdullah to deliver them to Lin.

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