Shantaram season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Bad Medicine

The fourth episode of Shantaram sees Lin going to lengths in order to save a woman in Sagar Wada who might die if she is not treated in time. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A flashback scene sees an attorney hired by Lin’s mother convincing Lin to not plead guilty. The glimpses of the bank robbery and how he accidentally shot a cop continue to haunt Lin, and he does the opposite during the case’s hearing.

Back to the present, Lin wakes up in Sagar Wada and now has adjusted to his new life as a doctor to the people over here. Still, he sees this as another form of punishment.

A woman named Sonam has been visiting him for a while for treatment. Lin has always directed her to a hospital, but for some reason, she comes back to him time and again.

With the help of Prabhu and Parvati, Lin finds out that the government hospital is avoiding her. Lin, along with Sonam, Prabhu, and Parvati, visits the hospital to meet the doctor, who asks for a bribe to specially treat Sonam.

Meanwhile, Rujul’s body is found by the cops. Walid Shah wastes no time sending money to the office of the deputy minister, Akash Pandey, to make sure that his hands are on Sagar Wada first.

Khader Khan is a tad bit late. Karla, on behalf of Khader Khan, meets Pandey, but their meeting gets interrupted by Walid Shah, who intimidates her.

She later questions Khader Khan about the need to kill Rujul. Khader Khan doesn’t like people who betray him and asked her to dig for the secrets the new minister might be hiding.

They further talked about Lindsay and Karla and wondered why Khader Khan acted like he didn’t know her in front of Lin. Khader Khan confesses that it was for her own good.

Lisa spends a night at Modena’s and comes back home with him. She suggests that if he loves her, then he will help her get rid of the drug addiction.

Lin tries to make some bucks by hustling with Prabhu, but that wasn’t enough for the medicines he needed for Sonam. On top of that, Prabhu wasn’t ready to give his share since he was used to death here in Sagar Wada.

Lin, on the other hand, took responsibility for Sonam’s well-being, and his desperation led him to Khader Khan. He met Khader Khan and requested some connection into the black market for medical supplies.

Khader Khan promises to make that connection but doesn’t tell Lin when he will deliver the supplies. All of this is an attempt to make Lin more desperate and more grateful.

In the meantime, Karla spots Lisa with Modena and Maurizio. In the restroom, she confronts her, and Lisa, in turn, reveals that she knows about the company Karla keeps and that she would rather live a life with a person who actually loves her.

Karla pays a visit to Lin and wonders why would he spend the money she gave him on the people of Sagar Wada. He explains how these people helped him when no one did, and he wanted to save them from the fire he had caused.

He questions her about Rujul, and she confesses that she was chasing him because he was hurting her client’s business. He got robbed and killed as a rich man who was in the wrong part of Bombay.

Karla further asks Lin why he was hanging out with Khader Khan. All Lin had to say is that he was smoking and drinking tea with him. Karla bids Lin adieu without revealing that this client of hers is none other than Khader Khan.

The next day, Khader Khan sends Abdullah to pick Lin up. Abdullah takes Lin to a woman named Ruby, who could supply all the medicine he needs. The lack of money results in Lin only taking some antibiotics for Sonam.

On their way back, Walid Shah’s men, including Rafiq, attack Abdullah. Lin aids Abdullah to fight them off but stops him from killing Rafiq.

Abdullah develops a liking towards Lin as he sees him as a man with some honor. He entails the details of the struggle to Khader Khan, who is quite impressed as well.

With all the antibiotics he brought, Lin managed to save Sonam. Khader Khan pays for all the medicine Lin needs. The next day, Abdullah delivers them to Lin.


  • The episode partially works as a filler. Lin adapts to the ways of Sagar Wada while also getting tangled within the business of Khader Khan. Karla feels the wrath of Walid Shah while she gets an explanation from both Lisa and Lin.
  • Though Khader Khan comes out as a regular gangster with honor, his calming demeanor is quite impressive and it’s hard not to like the character no matter how manipulative he is.
  • The show also sows seeds for an interesting partnership between Lin and Abdullah but also paves way for conflicts that may occur between the former and Prabhu. It would be hard to see since Prabhu and Lin’s duo is like the heartthrob of the show.
Shantaram season 1 episode 4
Shantaram season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Bad Medicine 1

Director: Iain B. MacDonald

Date Created: 2022-10-21 00:00

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