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14 Phere ending explained: Is there a happily ever after?

ZEE5’s ’14 Phere’ is a comedy-drama that showcases inter-caste marriage and dire issues resulting from it in a light-hearted, feel-good manner.

College sweethearts Aditi Karwasra (Kriti Kharbanda) and Sanjay Lal Singh (Vikrant Massey) find themselves in a complicated love mix when their orthodox families decide to meddle in who they should get married to.

Belonging from different castes — Sanjay, a Rajput from Bihar and Aditi, a Jat from Rajasthan — getting their happily ever after appears to be a long-distant dream.

However, in a heated situation, Sanjay lies about Aditi’s caste to his family, complicating the situation even further.

Therein begins the elaborate plan for two ‘real’ weddings, amateur theatre actors as parents, fake ‘baraatis’, and dramatic marriage sequences.

Do they finally get married? Or do their orthodox, caste-entwined families separate the lovers?

14 Phere ending explained in detail:

Family meetings

Following a slip-of-tongue blunder, the duo stumble upon a complicated plan of arranging fake parents to meet up with the real ones to fix their weddings.

They manage to acquire two theatre actors for the job — Amay (Jameel Khan) as the self-retired actor turned fake father, and Zubina (Gauahar Khan), Delhi’s Meryl Streep turned fake mother.

Their first target is Aditi’s love-marriage opposed family. They set the plan in motion by planting the phoney parents in the same train compartment as Aditi’s maternal uncle, who is going to Jaipur.

Through clever manoeuvring, they create a situation where Aditi’s uncle proposes her marriage to Sanjay. They have a marriage meeting where Sanjay’s fake families meet with Aditi’s real one, and the well-designed horoscope is given the green signal.

The second target, of course, turns out to be Sanjay’s Rajput family. Herein, Aditi’s fake family pretends to be Rajput and helps settle the marriage decision in the couple’s favour.

All is well and good until the wedding season begins.

Two Weddings

The plotline soon draws to the highlight of the movie that are the two weddings, both real in their approach.

The first is the Rajputi wedding that takes place in Delhi. Sanjay, along with his family, reaches the wedding venue. Along with the theatre actors-turned-parents, Sanjay and Aditi’s office mates join the act as the bride’s side of the family.

The wedding, however, commences without any hassle. Aditi reaches Sanjay’s family home in Bihar, where she is welcomed with all pomp and show.

The day soon comes when the couple has to get to Delhi to prepare for wedding number 2. At that moment, Sanjay’s cousin Chotu (Priyanshu Singh), comes to know of the story both have created, and the couple has to escape without a word.

After reaching Delhi, they find Sanjay’s parents already at their place while Chotu clears the air by confirming that he is not opposed to their marriage. But the duo has to go to Aditi’s place for the second wedding and make an excuse about attending a friend’s wedding.

Sanjay’s father is already suspicious about him going to his elder sister’s secret wedding, who had run out with the guy she loved. He decides to trail them and catch them red-handed.

Meanwhile, the couple and the fake baraatis reach Rajasthan for their second wedding. However, hell soon breaks loose when a travel agent/ family friend recognises Sanjay and acquires the wedding photographs from their first marriage.

The Reconciliation

After Aditi’s family comes to know of their betrayal, they decide to punish the couple for hurting the “honour” of the family.

While Aditi’s brother goes to get the gun, the couple makes a run for their lives.

However, right outside the wedding venue, they are encountered with Sanjay’s real family, who arrived with a different narrative in their minds.

Both families are enraged at the wedding plan they have weaved and threaten each other with their lives. The fake parents also arrive on the scene. Aditi’s brother is adamant about setting the fake father on fire and pours petrol on him.

Just at that moment, elders from Aditi’s side of the family come to enquire about the situation. The duo tries to reason with their fathers that no one knows about the inter-caste wedding, and they can get away with it and save their honour at the same time.

After a moment’s speculation, they decide that it’s a much better approach than bloodshed and agree to the marriage. The film culminates with a happy ending.

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