Young Royals Forever review: Behind-the-scenes special bids a heartfelt farewell

Young Royals Forever is a behind-the-scenes special following the journey of Edvin and Omar’s onscreen characters from the auditions to the table reads and then to the screen, as they say goodbye to the show with the series finale.


Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg look back to the beginning of their friendship in real life as they panic their way into their breakout roles in the Netflix teen drama.

Creator Lisa Ambjörn also takes all through a journey of how she landed on the different production milestones. Others in the cast and crew pitch in and share some candid and heartfelt moments of their filming journey.

The final table read the cast’s reaction to the characters and the story’s conclusions, as well as the filming of final shots, make up for the rest of the special, as it ends on a tear-jerker of a farewell to the series.


The actors cringe at their younger selves during the audition process, look back lovingly to their scenes throughout the production, and speculate what happens to their onscreen counterparts in this BTS special.

The creators give their illuminating and candid commentary regarding the big character developments, arcs, and dynamics.

It’s all such an emotional look into the production process and for the fans of the work, it’s of paramount necessity to binge, for a chance to meet their beloved small-screen friends from behind the camera is unmissable.

Young Royals Forever will tug at one’s heartstrings in the best way possible, as the farewell feel of it all is overwhelming.


There’s not much to nitpick here but apart from the snippets of the fans’ reactions and reminiscences, some part of the discourse around the show that’s present online could’ve been a more enriching addition to the recap.


Young Royals Forever is a sweet sneak peek into the BTS of the series finale and the series as a whole; it follows and chronicles the journey the actors and the creators of the Netflix show have gone on and how they say their tearful goodbyes.

Young Royals Forever
Young Royals Forever review: Behind-the-scenes special bids a heartfelt farewell 1

Director: Jens von Reis

Date Created: 2024-03-18 22:30

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