Wilderness (2023) review: Enticing thriller always keeps things ticking

Wilderness (2023) is a thriller series about a British couple who go on a cross-country road trip to fix their crumbling marriage but things don’t go according to plan. The series is streaming on Prime Video.


Olivia Taylor moves across the ocean from London to New York for her husband William but soon after they get there, Liv finds out that Will has been stepping out on her.

He convinces her that it is a one-time thing and even offers up the trip of a lifetime as a chance for them to rekindle things. When Liv comes across evidence that Will’s affair is ongoing, she gets certain ideas in her head.

The appearance of his mistress with her boyfriend on their trip pushes Liv to do something she cannot come back from, and a tense situation gets even more complicated as Liv tries to ensure she gets out unscathed.


Jenna Coleman is sensational as Liv Taylor, a woman scorned who chooses to take matters into her own hands rather than wilt away. Her range in the series is fabulous, and she is truly terrifying at times.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen supports her as well as the cheating husband who is manipulative and controlling. His character is also prone to sudden mood shifts and outbursts and Jackson-Cohen executes those moments brilliantly.


The series is adapted quite well with the drama and suspense always at a high level. The tone is edgy and consistent throughout, keeping the audience on their toes.

The score plays a huge part in the narrative and is quite haunting whenever it is not a thematic original track or cover that builds upon the experience.

The depiction of a toxic relationship not just between Liv and William, but several other characters is on point. The different dynamics and how they are portrayed are brilliant work on the director’s part.

The script is also top-notch. Jenna Coleman’s voiceover in each episode is eerie and effective.


There are moments where the efficiency of the detectives can be questioned as Liv doesn’t always come out as totally innocent. Not diving deeper into why she was seen following Cara in the gym is a huge misstep and too convenient.

Similarly, there are other moments where she could easily be a suspect but for the inadequacies of the detectives’ investigation.


Wilderness (2023) is a fantastic thriller series with 6 engaging episodes that keep you wondering when the other shoe is about to drop. Amazing performances and memorable behind-the-scenes work make this series a wonderful watch for those who enjoy a bit of drama and adrenaline.

Wilderness (2023) review: Enticing thriller always keeps things ticking 1

Director: So Yong Kim

Date Created: 2023-09-15 12:30

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