Ultraman season 3 review: Predictable final season plays it safe

In Ultraman season 3, Shinjiro’s new level of powers cost him the lives of the very people he swore to protect. The third season is now streaming on Netflix.


Shinjiro is having dreams of a monster that resembles his father’s old nemesis. On top of that, he is no longer able to control his powers. He often goes overboard and inflicts more damage than required.

Edo, Ide, and Hayata also take note of this change in Shinjiro’s powers. They don’t know the reason behind this, but this has always been the case when it comes to Shinjiro.

Ide creates a new suit for Shinjiro that will help him control these powers, but this new suit fails to get the job done, as Shinjiro ends up brutally murdering an alien who was on a killing spree.

Things get out of hand when Shinjiro kills another monster and, while doing so, destroys several civilian buildings. This new face of Ultraman evokes fear among the people, who now start seeing Ultramen as a threat.

What the SSSP and Shinjiro don’t know is that someone is keeping an eye on them, and all of this is probably part of their plan.


Ultraman season 3 corrects the mistakes it committed in season 2. The show comes with 12 episodes, unlike the limited six the viewers got in the second season.

There is more room for story development, and the well-choreographed action doesn’t take center stage all the time. In fact, there is a lot of heart the writers have tried to put into the show, which, whether works for everyone or not, is commendable.

When it comes to the emotion of the show, Ultraman gets it right with the character of Rena. She is the ray of hope in the show who encourages Shinjiro at his darkest times. Her mother’s words inspire many characters in the show.

Ultraman season 3 has many predictable story elements for Shinjiro’s arc, in which he is blamed for the destruction caused. What Ultraman season 3 gets right is that none of Shinjiro’s teammates see him as a threat and fall for the antagonist’s traps easily.

Even Shinjiro doesn’t try to be a self-righteous superhero who wants to prove that he is doing the right thing. He accepts criticism, stays true to his goals, and aims to find a way.


Since Ultraman season 3 has around 12 episodes, not every episode is quick to develop. In an attempt to set the heart of the show, there are times the third season can be slow with scenes that could have addressed the main idea in an instant.

Ultraman season 3 also plays it safe with the deaths of the characters. Almost no one dies in the third season, which makes a viewer feel like the stakes weren’t really that high.


Ultraman season 3, at the end of the day, uses the same old superhero genre formula to make itself work. A viewer will figure out how it will end by the time they reach closer to the finale, but the journey the third season brings is worth witnessing for sure.

Ultraman season 3
Ultraman season 3 review: Predictable final season plays it safe 1

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