Tin & Tina review: Brutal and shocking at every turn

In Tin & Tina, Lola and Adolfo welcome two super religious orphan twin siblings into their family and soon realize that these twins’ obsession with their religion could threaten their lives. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


In the early 1980s, in Spain, moments after getting married to Adolfo, Lola starts bleeding and soon receives the news that their babies were not able to survive due to severe internal bleeding inside her body. Furthermore, Lola will never be able to bear another child again.

Adolfo is ready to do anything to cheer Lola up. When he suggests that they can adopt children from a nearby convent, she joins him, and they soon meet Tin and Tina.

Adolfo finds these two strange, but Lola acknowledges that they need love too. The couple welcomes the twins into their family. Tin and Tina start shaping their lives with Adolfo and Lola according to their religious beliefs.

Initially, Lola and Adolfo try to adjust, until Tin and Tina begin threatening their lives after misinterpreting the teachings of the Bible.


Milena Smit delivers a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking performance as Lola. Right from the time her character loses her babies, the viewers will start to care for her and will be able to feel what she is going through.

Even when Tin and Tina are introduced, the attention does go to the twins, but one also keeps wondering how Lola is going to cope with all of this, and Smit puts forth a realistic and resonant growth for the character.

Jaime Lorente as Adolfo is unexpectedly funny during the first half-hour of the film. He manages to look like a responsible and caring husband.

Largely, the movie is about Smit’s character, so Lorente’s character receives growth a bit late, but Lorente stays true to the writing and navigates through the cliches his character goes through during the film.

Carlos González Morollón, as Tin, and Anastasia Russo, as Tina, don’t bring any extraordinary performances. They are required to act like kids, and that’s it for them. The movie only adds blood and gore to their characters’ little games.


Tin & Tina is never slow during its two-hour duration, though it carries a dark tone and atmosphere suitable for slow burns. The movie seems to be on the job of shocking the viewers with every event that takes place, and it kicks off doing so from the very first five minutes.

At every turn, there is a shocking reveal or atrocity carried out by the sinister twin siblings that will leave the viewers in shambles with their mouths wide open.

Tin & Tina makes great use of horror elements to provide a psychological thriller. There is nothing supernatural here, but the atmosphere, the dialogues, and the music teases that such a thing might exist.

The viewers may not find the ghost they are looking for, but this sibling duo is enough to have them scared. It’s not that they are cold-blooded murderers; the fact that they are so innocent about making a kill evokes fear in a viewer’s mind.

The final 20 minutes are film-making at its best. In one single shot, Tin & Tina‘s climax has been captured in a haunting atmosphere that hints at danger at every turn.


Although it can be argued that Lola and Adolfo are new at parenting, and that is why they may have tried to ignore Tin and Tina’s games, almost taking someone’s life is not a game in any manner. As adults, these characters could have been more responsible and stopped them the first time they saw them playing with their lives.

Adolfo’s character, especially, falls into cliches of the horror movie character that doesn’t trust their better half. The writers could have tried something different here, as it is hard to see Adolfo taking the side of Tin and Tina even though they have killed a dog so brutally.

Tin & Tina makes great use of a cloudy and haunting atmosphere and melancholic music, but only in certain scenes. Having this atmosphere present throughout the film could have just made it look scarier and more tension-filled.


Tin & Tina is a brutal and gruesome thriller that uses horror elements to its advantage to make the titular duo terrifying. Lola and Adolfo’s story is heart-breaking, while Tin and Tina promise something unexpected every time they appear on the screen.

Tin & Tina
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