Through My Window review: Guilty pleasure teen romance with a hollow script

Rating: 2/5

Netflix’s ‘Through My Window’ follows Raquel, who seems to be an innocent, helpless girl but is obsessed with her next-door neighbour Ares and wants to make him fall in love with her. But to what extent will she go to achieve her goal?


Raquel starts narrating the story of her life. In a classroom, we see her refusing to read her assignment as even though she knows how to write a story, but she isn’t brave enough to tell it. She then says that her story doesn’t start in this classroom, it actually starts in her house.

Her house, as she describes it, is a humble abode that, through ups and downs, ended up surrounded by an empire called the Hidalgo mansion. The Hidalgos are her next-door neighbours but their lifestyle is completely different from hers. The Hidalgos own Alpha 3, one of the most influential companies in the country, whose headquarters is the most spectacular building in Barcelona.

Alpha 3 refers to the three heirs to the empire, the Hidalgo brothers, Artemis, Ares and Apolo. Raquel has an unhealthy obsession with Ares but has never said a word to him. She knows everything he does and likes to collect information about him.

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Apolo thanks Raquel for letting them use her Wi-Fi as theirs is broken. She is confused and finds out that Ares has hacked into her computer and cracked the Wi-Fi password.

The next day, Raquel follows Ares into a secluded wooded area, where she confronts him about hacking into her computer. In response, he writes the password on her hand and asks her why it is a code that says, ‘Ares, Greek God’. They exchange words which leads to Raquel admitting that she likes him and wants him to fall for her.

Will Ares fight his own demons and let himself fall for Raquel?


Clara Galle as Raquel tries to play the goody two shoes, girl next door who has gone rogue with some conviction but the material doesn’t do her any favours.

Julio Peña’s character Ares, regarded as the Greek God, is treated as eye candy in this movie. He doesn’t have any scenes to show his acting capabilities here.


The sexual chemistry between the two leads is palpable and it provides for a guilty pleasure young adult romance story.


It is almost like the creators of the film realized that the only thing working here is the decent chemistry the two leads share, so they decided to exploit it by showing too many steamy scenes with little to no time for the characters to build an emotional bond.

It is very evident that the movie is an adaptation of a Wattpad story as every character adheres to some kind of a trope seen in movies like 50 shades of Grey, 365 days, Twilight, After.

It is hard to empathize with the two leads as their struggles are exaggerated. All their problems seem inconsequential as it is solved very easily.

The starting stages of their relationship, like the courting process and the tease and flirt phases, border on being problematic and promote toxic relationship standards.


This movie is catered to a specific audience that likes steamy young adult romances. Despite the few problematic elements, this could be considered a decent guilty pleasure watch.

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