The Violence Action review: A mediocre action flick

The Violence Action is a live-action adaptation of the eponymously titled Japanese manga series, about a seemingly ordinary young girl who moonlights as an assassin.


The Violence Action is a fast-paced film about a young girl named Kei Kikuno. She leads two entirely different lives. She is both a college student majoring in bookkeeping and an assassin, nonchalantly killing strangers.

The conflicts arise from the fight for power in the Denma-gumi, the biggest yakuza gang in eastern Japan. Kei’s life becomes complicated when two conflicting Yakuza clans seek her services one after the other.

Terano is one of the centre-of-attention characters in this movie. He is not only a love interest for Kei; but also, is one of the esteemed money-holders of the Denma-gumi gang. He soon becomes one of the targets to be removed by Kei. The storyline takes a twist there-onwards.

Other characters like Watanabe, Daria, Michitaka, etc., are characters that add a sort of comic relief in the movie as well. In fact, Michitaka is a top-tier assassin who is against Kei. The movie is action-packed with a constant shift in power dynamics in the Denma-gumi gang.


The actors did an excellent job portraying the characters, particularly Kanna Hashimoto, who played Kei. Hashimoto was able to portray both sides of her character convincingly. Her innocent persona worked the charm for the role.

Actors such as Yôsuke Sugino (who plays the role of Terano) and Yu Shirota (who plays the role of Michitaka) have done a fantastic job. The action scenes in which Shirota acted, were excellent.

Oji Suzuka, Shunsuke Daitô, Kenta Izuka, and others were the perfect fits for the comic relief scenes. Overall, the cast was very well chosen for the roles.


The Violence Action has very good action scenes. For someone who really prefers to watch good action movies, this movie is a good fit.

The storyline is actually an interesting one. From the perspective of the protagonist, there is a good plot line. One gets a clear insight into the protagonist and that helps to create a connection with the character.

The heavy electronic/metal music is a good addition to the movie as well. It enhanced the intensity of the fight scenes.


The problem with this movie is how weak the plot was with respect to the antagonists. There was hardly any depth to their characters. It makes the whole movie feel very mediocre.

Another weak point of the movie is the amount of comic relief. Even the action scenes feel too humorous. The threatening aura that a villain should regorge – is evidently missing.

Watanabe’s character seemed quite unnecessary after a couple of scenes, which is a problem related to several other characters as well.


Although a must-watch for those familiar with the manga series, ‘The Violence Action’ is mediocre at best due to its weak antagonists. Villains aren’t supposed to be clowns. It could have been better.

The Violence Action
The Violence Action review: A mediocre action flick 1

Director: Tôichirô Rutô

Date Created: 2022-11-18 12:30

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