The Turning Point (2022) review: Predictable leisure watch

The Turning Point (2022) aka La Svolta is an Italian crime drama which follows an introverted comic artist’s rendezvous with a dangerous thug, beginning an odd friendship. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


The movie opens with a father-son conversation in a quaint condo. The concerned father explains to Ludovico how his attitude has contributed to the sorry state of his apartment. 

Ludovico stares out of the window, turning a deaf ear to his father. He stares longingly at Rebecca, her neighbour, as she gets into a verbal argument with her boyfriend and dashes back into her building. 

Ludovico’s father parts ways by informing him that it is high time he sorts his life out after quitting his college prematurely to pursue a career as a comic artist. His father reminds him that he reprimands him because he loves him. 

Cut to a rustic bar at another part of town, where Mario has brought in a delivery for Caino, the local mob boss. Here, a thug named Jack takes his chance and dashes out while snatching Mario’s bag which results in a chase. 

Jack loses control of his vehicle, abandons it and runs into Ludovico. He then forces him to give him shelter in his apartment. This unassuming hostage situation is unlike any other as Jack only seeks Ludovico’s help, willingly or unwillingly to stay low until he figures out how to get out of the city. 

Mario informs Caino of the developments and the events cause a lot of friction within the mob, as members start realising how expendable they are. 

Meanwhile, in the apartment, Jack and Ludovico start warming up to each other as both of them realise that cooperation will lead to mutual benefit —  freedom for Jack and monetary reward for Ludovico (as promised by Jack). 

The intense thriller has many instances of light-hearted scenes as Jack helps Ludovico gain confidence in himself and push himself through his depression. We are introduced to Rebecca and her roommate as they share many friendly moments with each other. 

We witness Caino’s resourcefulness and the fickle minds of all members of the mob in play as the apartment is suspected to shelter Jack and is infiltrated at many instances to confirm the same.


Brando Pacitto steps into the role of Ludovico, a young adult trying to find the motivation and direction to move forward with his life. He does justice to the character as the story arc takes him from a dull and meek individual to someone who is trying to give his life meaning again. 

Jack is played by Andrea Lattanzi. His character is that of an experienced thief. In most cases, Jack is the binding force of the film as the aura of mystery around him and his confidence in himself reflects starkly against Ludovico’s meek personality. Jack’s charisma is evidently present in every scene in which he is present. 

Caino is portrayed by Tullio Sorrentino. The no-nonsense mob boss is the one casting his web for Jack to fall in. A truly menacing character, but is let down by the lack of development and screen time.


The chemistry between Jack and Ludovico is a delight to witness. The contrast between the two adds more flavour and depth to them and their strangers-to-brothers bond is a true delight laced with emotions, laughter and loyalty. 

Despite falling under the category of crime/thriller, La Svolta packs a healthy dose of humour which has the potential to hit the audience perfectly and reel them closer to the characters despite the ominous circumstances. 

The duration of the movie is limited, yet the screenplay has been executed in a manner which does not make it feel rushed and contributes to a smooth watching experience.


The plot is unoriginal and borrows elements from a lot of successful and unsuccessful movies from the past. 

The supporting cast appear shallow as they only exist to serve the plot and are not able to influence the film or have an impact on the audience. 

The film utilises a lot of popular tropes and stereotypes already seen previously. It makes the experience a predictable one.


The Turning Point is a preferred leisure watch but it does little to offer something new or have a lasting impact.

Rating: 3/5

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