The Sea Beast review: A swashbuckling narrative with stellar animation

The Sea Beast is an animated film about swashbuckling monster hunters and a young girl that stows away on their ship. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Maisie is a young girl, who dreams of becoming a monster hunter- the very profession that her parents valiantly died pursuing. 

She stows away on Jacob’s ship and the two are inadvertently thrown on an adventure that has them questioning all that they have been taught. They encounter sea beasts on this journey of friendship and great learning.

A tale of great adventure, rebellion, youth and doing what is right- The Sea Beast is a call to question and debunk myths, while staying true to your beliefs.


With stunning animation and many visually appealing scenes, The Sea Beast under director Chris Williams’ guidance is nothing less than an epic performance.

Maisie, voiced by Zaris-Angel Hator, is one of the most memorable characters, and among the most engaging performances of the film.

Jacob, voiced by Karl Urban, brings the humour and adventure on-screen and delivers a beautiful and dynamic relationship with Maisie.

The rest of the characters, and the portrayal of the sea creatures adds a dimension of fantasy to the visual dynamics on screen.


The animation is visually stunning, and one of the best aspects of the movie. With avid realism, and a rich colour palette, all the scenes are a treat for the eyes.

The sound design is elaborately prepared as well, with delightful sea shanties accompanying the dynamic visuals on screen.

The characters are layered, and viewers get an in-depth understanding of their psyche. They are all pretty well-defined, and have their own characteristics and motivations to proceed ahead. From Captain Crow to Red, all the characters hold meaning in the way they have been portrayed.

The storyline is commendable because while it is essentially a monster-hunting movie, the strong undertones of anti-violence beliefs do not go unnoticed. Reclaiming and understanding one’s own factual history is also a significant theme that the makers seem to want to highlight.

With a heartfelt storyline and stunning execution, The Sea Beast is a delight for all ages alike.


Standing at 115 minutes, the movie is of considerable length, and the pacing gets a little slow at times.

The narrative structure at times feels a bit repetitive and overused and can feel very reminiscent of other animated movies like How to Train your Dragon and Moana. Adding a few more unique and engaging elements to the storyline could have enhanced the viewing experience, and made the storyline stand out further.

The ending is very ambiguous. After all the build up, one would expect to see a more clear-cut ending, especially with regard to what happens to the ruling monarchs.


While The Sea Beast is an enjoyable watch for the whole family, with stunning animation and characterisation, it can get a little bit slow-paced in between.

Rating: 3.5/5

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