The Murderer review: Thai crime comedy is a fun ride

The Murderer is a Thai crime comedy film that focuses on the aftermath of seven bodies being found in and around a farmhouse. The prime suspect is a British national, but the plot holds many secrets that need to be revealed before the truth is unearthed. The film is now streaming on Netflix and is a first for the streamer in the Isan dialect.


The Murderer opens in Thailand with the local news reporting the discovery of seven bodies in and around a farmhouse in the Bung Kla district. 

It is reported that the victims of this killing spree are Boonluck, the family’s patriarch, his sister-in-law, Parsuree, his son, Kai, his ex-son-in-law, Phet, Kai’s ex-wife, Tukta, her American husband, Charlie, and a cop who answered a distress call. 

The only survivors are Boonluck’s daughter, Sai, her British husband Earl (the prime suspect), and their little niece June. The case is handed to the lead inspector at Don Kratok Police Station, Nawat Banluecha. 

Harboring a deep hatred towards “Farangs” (a local derogatory term used to refer to foreigners), Inspector Nawat interrogates Sai, Earl, and June separately. He believes that Earl is the killer because he was found at the scene with a gun in his hand and covered in blood.

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As the film progresses, June’s phone is found in the fields and has videos that turn the case on its head.


Acting in The Murderer is brilliant. The characters feel natural, chaotic, and relatable. Their eccentric and rowdy behavior is well justified by the twist in the end.

Special mention has to go to Phetthai Vongkumlao, who plays Inspector Nawat Banluecha. He is probably the most entertaining character in the film and singlehandedly carries the comedic element in the film.

Eisaya Hosuwan, James Laver, Jonathan Samson, Sawanee Utoomma, Chananticha Chaipa, Boonyarit Wiangnon, and Sunaree Ratchasima make up the rest of the cast and give worthy performances.


The Murderer is a well-crafted mystery that keeps you guessing till the end. The narrative is engaging for the most part and has enough twists to give you a satisfying conclusion.

It nestles themes of hatred, stereotype, and greed within its comedy, blending it all to create a savory murder mystery concoction. The characters are curated well enough for this specific plot and don’t feel fake or out of place.

The color grading, musical score, visual effects, and cinematography strengthen the film. Furthermore, the editing aids the suspense and reveals key moments at just the right time.


The Murderer clocks in at 120 minutes but can still feel dragged at times. It could easily have been equally, if not more, engaging with a 90 or 100-minute runtime.

There are instances where you will be confused about why characters aren’t discussing things that can be solved instantly. The explanation comes in the end but it can get quite frustrating by that time.

Sometimes, it may get difficult to keep up with all the drama as the film keeps switching to different versions of the events. Lastly, apart from Vongkumlao’s performance, the film’s comic element falls flat.


The Murderer is a great watch if you’re looking for an engaging and thrilling mystery. It can make you a little restless and confused in between, but sticks the landing perfectly.

The Murderer
The Murderer review: Thai crime comedy is a fun ride 1

Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

Date Created: 2023-07-28 14:27

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