The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5 review: Sensational series ends on the highest of peaks

In the final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Midge decides to buckle down and do the hard work that will get her to the very top of her profession, while there are also glimpses of her glitzy future. All episodes are streaming on Prime Video.


After getting lectured by Lenny Bruce for grabbing every opportunity that comes her way, Midge accepts that she needs to do better and lets Susie know that. She gets back to performing at the Wolford where she eventually performs in front of Gordon Ford.

While she isn’t able to get booked on his show, she can get a spot as a writer which gets her through the door. Susie works her magic for not only Midge but her other clients too as she grows more comfortable in her role as a talent manager.

Joel continues to run his club successfully while also looking out for Midge to make sure the mother of his children is safe and secure to pursue her dreams.

Glimpses into the future show where Midge’s life is headed and offers up many anecdotes of a truly turbulent journey that had a little bit of everything.


Rachel Brosnahan has been a revelation in this role and to see her grow through the series has been fabulous. The way she captures the attention of the audience with her performances is mesmerizing.

For every ounce of charm that Midge has, Alex Borstein balances it out with her acidity as Susie Myerson. She is unabashedly funny and cutting with her words and Borstein is magnificent as her.

Marin Hinkle and Tony Shalhoub continue to be lovable and quirky as Midge’s parents with their own moments of focus. Kevin Pollak and Caroline Aaron are similarly enjoyable.

Michael Zegen offers great support as Joel Maisel, a character that like many others isn’t spotless but is genuinely good thanks to Zegen’s efforts.

Reid Scott plays Gordon Ford, a new addition to the season that is something of a new obstacle for Midge to overcome. Scott is charming in just the right amounts before revealing his true self.


What can be said about the series that hasn’t been said before while waxing lyrical about its quality? The writing is enviable with Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel responsible for almost everything that is brilliant about it.

The series is filled with monologues and conversations that hook the audience with a magnetism that is unnoticeable. It is almost as if time around you stops just so that you can watch what is happening on screen.

The production values are also top-notch with the costume department working overtime to produce such a vibrant ensemble of outfits for Midge to wear alone. Her hats are a significant feature of the outfit and it is through great effort that they have made it work.

The episode “The Testi-Roastial” is a tremendous example of episodic writing with multiple stories being told within one episode and achieving so much progression in a narrative sense.

The roving camera used throughout the season is another regular feature of the show that is employed expertly.


The episode “Susan” is a rare miss-step when it comes to the general quality of the season and while it has its good parts, it is the most forgettable one from the bunch.

The time jumps and flashforwards are occasionally confusing and some of the earlier sequences don’t necessarily have the same impact as the ones in the backend but it was a bold choice to include them.


The Marvelous Mrs. Masiel is an episodic masterpiece and many a tear will be shed to see that it has ended. However, season 5 does things right much like the seasons before, and ends on a high point deserving of every plaudit that comes its way.

From the breakneck pace of certain scenes to the engrossing stand-up sets to the awkwardness and drama of Midge’s personal life, they will all be missed and leave a huge hole in the calendars of fans the world over.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5 review: Sensational series ends on the highest of peaks 1

Director: Amy Sherman-Palladino, Daniel Palladino, Daisy von Scherler Mayer, Scott Ellis

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