Summertime season 3 review: Aesthetically pleasing but poor in overall quality

Summertime season 3 is the final season of the Italian romantic drama, following the choices of a young group of friends as they deal with the aftermath of the previous summer’s events. It is now streaming on Netflix.


The season of summer returns filled with a fresh cup of drama as Summer, Ale and Dario navigate their changing relationships. 

Ale (Ludovico Tersigni) is dealing with Lola’s accident from the previous season in a self-destructive manner. He spends his time drunk at parties or alone on his boat, slowly sinking with his guilt.

Meanwhile, Lola is determined to recover and make her return to the racetrack. 

Summer (Rebecca Coco Edogamhe) gets together with a stranger at a party after moving on from Ale before re-assessing her feelings for him.

Dario (Andrea Lattanzi) and Rita work on developing their relationship which has evolved over the past year. 


Rebecca Coco Edogamhe and Ludovico Tersigni maintain their evident chemistry as Summer and Ale in the final season of the series.

Andrea Lattanzi delivers a memorable performance as Dario, a young man in touch with his emotions and aware of his priorities as he tries to balance his relationship and change his work life. Dario’s relationship with Davide, Rita’s son, is one of the most cherished relationships shown throughout the series. 

The rest of the cast played their characters well despite a lack of depth to the characters.


With appealing visuals and a relaxing soundtrack to match, Summertime delivers on its titular promise to transport the viewers to the groovy summer parties and beach sunsets. The photogenic cast is the cherry on top of this pleasant production.

As the final instalment of the series, this season manages to go over its prequels and address any loose threads. This, in a sense, provides the audience with hints as a recap, not requiring them to rewatch the previous seasons. The creators make sure to see all the different character arcs to their end, refusing to leave any questions hanging. 


The series uses the same formula as any other teen romance which doesn’t make it stand out from the rest. The conflicts are overused and the plot progresses routinely. 

Summertime fails to evoke any emotion and keeps the viewer engaged with cliche tropes and a lack of chemistry between most of the main cast. The conflicts aren’t sufficient to make the viewers want more of the series. 

Despite flaunting a talented cast, the audience isn’t provided enough from the characters to be able to empathise with them for the same reasons. The only notable character seems to be Dario, played by Andrea Lattanzi, who displays an ordinary yet realistic personality and rationality which is easy to connect to. 


Summertime deserves credit for its pleasant scenes and almost perfect soundtrack. However, it falls short of the capability of stirring up thoughts in the audience and is unlikely to be recommended. Fans drawn to the show by its production should expect to be disappointed if they expect a storyline as appealing as its visuals.

Rating: 1/5

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