Summertime season 3 summary and ending explained

Summertime season 3 is the final comeback of the Italian romantic drama, focused on a group of young adults facing their choices while discovering more about themselves. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The summer starts with Summer hitting it off with someone she met at a party. She later learns that he’s Luca, the lead guitarist in a band. 

To celebrate a year together, Dario organises a small concert for Rita with Summer and her mother, Isa’s help. Unaware of their history, he picks Rita’s old flame, Stephano’s shack as the venue. Impressed by Dario, Stephano offers him a job organising events at the shack. 

Burdened with the guilt of Lola’s mishap on the racetrack from the previous summer, a drunk Ale crashes the almost successful event and is coaxed away by Summer. Meanwhile, despite two surgeries and months of recovery, Lola is eager to return to the racetrack. 

Luca and Summer spend a lot of time working together at the shack. They even co-write a song that they sing on stage one evening. 

Edo returns from Hamburg to prepare to move in with his girlfriend, Giulia. However, his life in Hamburg isn’t all it’s made out to be as he has lost his scholarship and has no place to stay but cannot bring himself to come clean to Giulia or his parents. 

Sofi returns home for the summer and tries to fill the gaps that grew in her and Summer’s friendship when she left but something or the other keeps getting in the way. On an exhibition visit, Sofi impresses the photographer, Federica, with her brutally honest opinion of her pictures and gets hired by her.

Blue grows distant from her boyfriend, Federico, and instead finds herself attracted to her new friend, Viviana. Sofi sees through Blue and offers to help her. 

After a lot of convincing from Summer, Ale finally talks to Lola. They decide to leave their relationship in the past. Lola later comes to Ale for help with her career. Unable to persuade his father to coach her, he agrees to oversee her training. 

Preoccupied with his new job, Dario is unable to find time for Rita and her son, Davide. Meanwhile, Stephano offers to assist Rita every chance he gets. Rita confesses she is unsure of his intention behind giving Dario work. Rita and Stephano rekindle their flame with a kiss.

Tired of Edo delaying their trip and his silence when confronted, Giulia storms off. She later returns and sticks by his side, supporting him as he tells his parents the truth, which does not go well.

Summer realises she still loves Ale and kisses him, but he later says that he does not reciprocate her feelings. Ale finds himself stuck up on Lola, hoping to revive their relationship, which ended terribly. Afraid of her getting hurt again, Ale puts a brake on Lola’s training which leads to a fight. 

Sofi leaves her boss’s house crying after she tries to seduce her.  

Blue tries to confess her love to Viviana but gets cut off by Viviana’s date. 

Lola and Ale talk and realise that they have the same dreams. He asks her to join him as he travels on his boat and she agrees. 

Dario doesn’t take it well when Rita tells him about her kiss with Stefano. He feels betrayed and they end things between them. 

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Summertime season 3 ending explained in detail (Episode 8):

The end of summer

As the summer draws to a close, Summer declines Luca’s invitation to perform as a duo, with her classes soon to begin. 

Blue decides to try to get over her feelings for Viviana. She admits her feelings to her boyfriend and they end their relationship but decide to stay friends. 

Edo takes his mom’s advice and makes up with his dad. However, Giulia decides to let go of him after he broke her trust. They end things, wanting the best for each other.

Sofi’s boyfriend, Jonas convinces her to move to Australia. She invites Summer to accompany her. Having finally let go of Ale, Summer accepts this adventure.

Forget and forgive

Hurt by Rita, Dario gets drunk and calls Ale but he doesn’t pick up. Sofi and Summer come to his rescue and advise him to talk to Rita. 

Davide doesn’t seem to be taking their breakup well owing to his close relationship with Dario. Dario talks with Davide and promises to maintain their relationship despite the issues with Rita. 

Not wanting to lose each other, Dario and Rita decide to give their relationship another shot. 

Off on an adventure 

Ale and Lola resume their training together and she decides she’s ready to get back to racing. At the racetrack, Lola finds out about Ale’s deal with his father to let her race again and feels deceived. 

Ale decides to leave home to travel the world on his boat. Lola returns to him and decides to join him on his journey without quitting her dream of racing. 

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