Robbie Williams review: Detailed docuseries has its dull moments

Robbie Williams reflects on his life and career in his eponymous docuseries that features several hours of behind-the-scenes footage. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.


Robbie Williams has had a record-breaking career, and it has been captured on film. There is thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage that Williams has never seen before. Williams finally watches the footage in this docuseries.

At the age of 16, Robbie drops out of school and auditions for a boy band called Take That, which goes on to become the biggest British group since the Beatles. However, the fame is too much for a young Williams, and he leaves the group when he is 21.

He then works with a musician named Guy Chambers and releases his first solo album. Williams’ solo career takes off, and his partnership with Chambers lasts for years.

Williams’ success does not come without problems. As he watches the footage, the singer talks about his relationship with the media, lack of privacy, mental health, and more. The docuseries explores what made Williams the man that he is today.


Williams watches the behind-the-scenes footage in the docuseries and talks about his past. Apart from being the subject of the docuseries, he also becomes an audience member. It is interesting to hear an older Williams’ honest views about his past.

When the Williams of the past is compared with that of the present, it is evident how much he has matured. The docuseries not only focuses on his best and worst moments but also captures his growth as a singer as well as a person.

The singer’s struggles are not very different from those of other artists who gained fame at a young age. However, his account is personal, as an older Williams talks about the things that the footage fails to communicate and elaborates on his state of mind at the time that is being depicted onscreen. 


The docuseries will mainly appeal to Williams’ fans. It fails to be engaging for those who are only interested in his music and not in the singer’s life as a whole.

Furthermore, the docuseries documents Williams’ life in great detail. The details make it unnecessarily long and dull. As a result, the audience loses interest from time to time. 

As the audience only gets to hear from Williams, it is impossible to get an unbiased account of all the events discussed in the show. They have no choice but to take Williams’ word for it. 


The audience who grew old loving and listening to Williams’ music will like Robbie Williams, as they would get to revisit his success and hear him tell his story. However, the docuseries is not as enjoyable for those who are not his fans.

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams review: Detailed docuseries has its dull moments 1

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