Rich in Love 2 review: Disappointing sequel leaves a lot to be desired

A sequel to Rich in Love (2020), this film focuses on Teto and Paula as they navigate new challenges in their relationship. When Paula decides to move to the Amazon to work as a volunteer doctor, Teto tries to follow her by reestablishing his tomato cooperative near her place of work. His intrusive and selfish attitude soon forces things to start falling apart.


Rich in Love 2 opens with Teto and Paula, living in Rio as the former continues to manage his tomato co-op Teto Fresco, which he started with his two friends, Monique and Igor. 

The relationship gets tense when Paula decides to move to the Amazon to work as a volunteer doctor. Teto is visibly blue and tries to stop her from going, but she claims her calling is to help the sick and bereaved. 

To make things worse, Teto is jealous of her work partner, Dr. Tawan. In a desperate last-ditch effort, he asks his wealthy father to offer Paula a sponsorship deal to help people in Rio, but she refuses.

Realizing that Paula really won’t budge, the Tomato King gets the two doctors a sponsorship deal in the Amazon via his old friend, Everaldo. 

Once Paula leaves, it is revealed that Teto Fresco isn’t doing well. Teto doesn’t talk to his partners about the situation and decides to move the company near Paula’s place of work. 

He intends to stay close to her, and reestablish business in a new area, but ends up causing more problems that threaten his relationship. 


Danilo Mesquita and Giovanna Lancellotti’s steaming chemistry makes a comeback for the sequel, but their limited shared screen time takes away from it. 

Their performances are nothing extraordinary as the narrative doesn’t demand it. You do feel sorry for Mesquita’s goofy yet lovable character when Paula breaks up with him, but that’s about it in terms of emotional connection. 

The rest of the cast includes Fernanda Paes Leme, Jaffar Bambirra, Adanilo Reis, Ernani Moraes, Lellê, Kay Sara, Roney Villela, and Aline Dias. These characters are essential to the story but not nearly as relevant to feature a monumental acting performance. 


Rich in Love 2 delves deep into the local tribes of the Amazon basin and sheds light on their culture, beliefs, and practices in a respectful manner. 

Teto learning to find himself through that is a great move by the makers to highlight the importance of indigenous communities. 

Most of the comedy in the film sticks to the landing and is quite enjoyable to sit through. The runtime is tight, and the narrative doesn’t drag much. 

Also, the scenic shots in this, showcasing the Amazon rainforest in all its glory are quite breathtaking. 


Despite its potential to go in better directions, Rich in Love 2 takes decisions that leave it muted and worse than its predecessor. 

There are so many sub-plots in the film, and the conclusion is more about tomatoes than the leading couple. 

The entire narrative is convoluted for no good reason, leaving loopholes in its stead. 

The mining issue poisoning the locals, selling of Teto Fresco, kidnapping of a tribe member, and the lead finding his identity, while his girlfriend remains ignorant is all too much for a film. 


Rich in Love 2 is a step down from the first film and doesn’t seem sure about what it wants to be. It can still be watched once, but you won’t get much out of it. 

Rich in Love 2
Rich in Love 2 review: Disappointing sequel leaves a lot to be desired 1

Director: Bruno Garotti

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