Predators review: Tom Hardy narrated docuseries is a visual spectacle

Predators is a nature docuseries presenting an in-depth look into five of the most lethal animals on the planet. Narrated by Hollywood actor Tom Hardy, it showcases how deadly predators like cheetahs, lions, pumas, polar bears, and wild dogs, survive through contentious circumstances.


Each of the five episodes is dedicated to one of the aforementioned animals, and follows their journey as they hunt for survival, engage in brutal turf wars, protect their families, and face catastrophic weather changes. The episodes take to Africa, South America, and subarctic Canada and use impeccable technology to capture these apex predators in their element.


Predators is an audio and visual treat. The Dolby Vision picture mixed with an Atmos soundtrack is peak immersion.

Furthermore, the stunning cinematography puts you right next to these animals and almost creates a film-like narrative. Some of the creative decisions taken with drone shots are spectacular.

Tom Hardy’s narration is an added layer of perfection. He seamlessly guides you through the adventures of these animals and makes you emotionally connect with them.

Every episode is 45 minutes long, which is just the right amount of time to focus on a particular animal without losing the ability to keep you hooked.

Hardy uses every episode to talk about climate change, poaching, land encroachment, and other challenges that have plagued these predators and other animals in the wild. This is a nice touch and creates multiple perspectives in an otherwise relatively straightforward docuseries.


Predators follows a similar narrative pattern in every episode and focuses on a specific pride, pack, or group of animals. It sometimes feels excessively dramatic as if the makers are trying too hard to gain your attention.

Even though the docuseries is stellar on a technical level, it doesn’t talk about or showcase anything unique. Compared to Netflix’s more unique and critically acclaimed nature docuseries, Our Planet, Predators is subpar regarding content.


Preadtors is a must-watch despite its snags. You will enjoy it if you love nature documentaries and appreciate the stellar beauty of the wild. The state-of-the-art technology used to capture these wonderous animals presents stunning results alongside Tom Hardy’s voice.

However, don’t expect to learn anything new from it.

Predators review: Tom Hardy narrated docuseries is a visual spectacle 1

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