Posham Pa review: A thriller that deserves attention

Posham Pa review: A thriller that deserves attention 1

Zee5’s latest original film, Posham Pa is an intriguing and entertaining affair. Based on true events, the film’s plot focusses on a pair of sisters on death row for murdering almost 50 children under the age of five along with their mastermind mother.

Sayani Gupta and Ragini Khanna shine as the convicted siblings and both bring about a different dynamic to their characters. Mahie Gill, as the abusive and sadistic mother who starts it all, is simply fabulous.

Posham Pa review: A thriller that deserves attention 2
Image Source: ZEE5

The film also stars Imaad Shah and Shivangi Raghuvanshi as documentary filmmakers who interview the accused sisters about their past. It is through their perspective we see the supposed reality unfold. Their characters are highly relatable as they struggle along with the audience to uncover the truth.

The direction by Suman Mukhopadhyay is great and keeps the film in sync. Where Posham Pa really shines is in its narrative. Juggling between the past and present as it tackles the human interest side of crime is fantastic.

It forces the audience to think hard about the motives and situations behind domestic violence, theft, and murder. In some instances, it even managed to convince me to side with the murderers. It also highlights mental health to be a major contributing factor. Kudos to Nimisha Misra’s writing.

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It is also unpredictable for the most part. As the plot starts getting a little flat towards the end, it throws a major curve-ball your way.

Posham Pa review: A thriller that deserves attention 3
Image Source: ZEE5

It does get a little too gory in terms of depiction of murder and violence. However, it also adds to the reality of the situation. The twists and turns are sure to convince you that it’s a film well worth your time.

The real story is based on the actual case of sisters Renuka Shinde, Seema Gavit and their mother Anjanabai Gavit. The family became a criminal sensation after their arrest and their case was even covered by shows like Crime Patrol.

The difference between facts and fiction is not clear but it is understandable if certain cinematic liberties have been taken.

Posham Pa is now streaming exclusively on ZEE5. Watch the trailer below:

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