Panchayat season 3 review: Still entertaining, though somewhat repetitive

The conflict between the MLA and Pradhan’s group comes to a head with disastrous consequences in the third season of Panchayat. The new season is now streaming on Prime Video.


The third season kicks off with a new secretary stepping in to replace Abhishek, who has been transferred by the local MLA, Chandrakishore Singh. 

Upset about leaving Phulera, Abhishek thinks about resigning to focus on his upcoming IIM entrance exam. 

His friends in Phulera are equally upset by his departure and are determined to prevent the new secretary from joining.

Prahlad, who is still struggling with his son’s death, joins Pradhan Brij and Vikas’ efforts to not let the new secretary take Abhishek’s place.

Fortunately, the MLA is forced out of the picture, resulting in the DM canceling Abhishek’s transfer, which further annoys the MLA.

Abhishek gladly returns to Phulera to resume his duties, but the trouble with the MLA is far from over. Will the villagers be able to stand their ground in the face of a powerful man?


Jitendra Kumar continues to deliver a strong performance as Abhishek. His character is noticeably calmer in this season compared to previous ones. 

While adeptly depicting this change, he manages to seamlessly revert to his character’s older self when required. 

Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Faisal Malik, and Chandan Roy are as impressive as ever, skillfully balancing emotional depth and comedy. 

In addition to these actors, Sunita Rajwar and Durgesh Kumar stand out with their comic timing. Their characters may be odd and cunning, and not always likable, but they consistently make the audience laugh.


What makes Panchayat truly charming is its effort to authentically depict rural life, but not without a touch of humor. 

Like previous seasons, the political issues, which can sometimes be bizarre, will resonate with the Indian audience. 

The show remains grounded in Indian reality, portraying the simple yet complicated lives of village dwellers who can evoke laughter from the audience. 

Despite its light-hearted nature, the show evokes more than just laughter; it skillfully balances different emotions. 

Toward the end, a thrilling sequence keeps the audience on edge, which is then followed by a physical altercation that somehow manages to amuse them.

This season also has some emotional moments, as it touches on Prahlad’s grief, his recovery, and the response of the world around him to his loss. 

By the third season, the audience has developed an emotional connection to the characters who continue to be flawed but endearing, and this works in the show’s favor. 


Since this is the third season of the show, there are subplots that fail to hold the audience’s attention as the initial novelty has worn off.

The once-heartwarming bond between Abhishek, Vikas, Brij, and Prahlad feels less engaging, and the MLA’s eccentricities are not as amusing as intended. 

The season feels a touch too familiar to be as entertaining as the previous ones, and it becomes evident that it needs something new to keep the audience invested.


The third season of Panchayat retains all the elements that made the last two seasons successful, but that becomes a problem because it does not offer anything new.

Nonetheless, the third season is still an entertaining blend of humor, politics, and emotions.

Panchayat season 3
Panchayat season 3 review: Still entertaining, though somewhat repetitive 1

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